A straight razor shave is a timeless technique that provides a luxury for modern men. Not all barbers in the Houston-area provide this type of shave, but you should seek out those who do if you want the closest, most precise shave possible. Though it costs more than two bits for a shave and a haircut now, you can still find an old-fashioned straight razor shave at these places around town.

Men’s Barber Shop
15965 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77082
(281) 493-9166

Men’s Barber Shop is a great location if you want to go for a classically trained barber who only caters to men. All of the barbers at this location have been to a true barber school as opposed to a college for cosmetology. Included on this shop’s menu of services is a straight razor shave. Not all of the barbers here will do this, so call before you visit to ensure that a barber is available who can use a straight razor on you.

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Shave Houston
702B W. Dallas St.
Houston TX 77019
(713) 487-0034

Shave Houston treats men from head to toe through its range of services and complementary beverages. Upon entry, you choose from your choice of complementary whiskeys or beers. Drink in hand, you then select from the services on the menu. You can get a straight razor neck shave with a standard shampoo and haircut package, but this shop also offers services like face and scalp massages, shoeshines and eyebrow waxing.

Camino South Barber Shop
16701 El Camino Real, Suite 121
Houston, Texas 77062
(281) 488-3270

When you want to get a fast haircut with finishing done with a straight razor, visit the no-frills, old-school Camino South Barber Shop. There’s not a large sign in the front of the shop. Just look for the barber pole at the corner of El Camino Real and Bay Area Boulevard. This is the place to go if you are looking for a hot shave with a straight razor and a haircut. Work here is done professionally and without a barber who spends the entire time chatting instead of paying attention to your hair. The top-notch service and skills of the staff with both straight razors and scissors make this one of the best places around town to visit.

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Best Little Barber Shop in Texas
202 Gray St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 521-1944

The Best Little Barber Shop in Texas recently moved last year to its new Midtown location. The barbers there have a combined 50 years of experience cutting men’s hair. You can enjoy a straight razor shave with a hot lather when you go for a haircut. This shop is so popular, groom parties have come to prepare everyone from the best man to the ring bearer for the big day. This is a laid-back barbershop where everybody knows your name, and you will want to come again and again for the service and camaraderie.

Big Kat’s Barbershop and Shave Parlor
3622 Main St., Suite F
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 533-9545

Big Kat’s offers a $30 straight razor shave, but if you want this service, you will have to go Tuesday through Friday because you cannot get a shave on Saturdays. This barbershop does not accept appointments. If you visit this barbershop late in the day, get there half an hour before closing. Since all of the staff who cut hair are Class A certified barbers, you can be sure that you will get a quality cut and shave every time.

Crystal Hessong ia a freelance writer and a lifelong, fourth generation Houstonian. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.