The holidays are a great time of year to spend with friends and one common component of social interactions this time of year is a good drink. Whether it’s making small talk while sharing a glass of eggnog or toasting the season with a special Christmas punch, a drink can enhance any occasion. A great cocktail lounge or bar can make an already memorable occasion that much better and Houston has a large number of places where good cheer and great drinks combine to make holiday magic. Here are some of the best places for holiday cocktails in Houston.
Down the Street
5746 Larkin St.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 880-3508

Located in Houston’s Heights neighborhood, Down the Street is a small yet cozy place to meet, chat and enjoy your favorite cocktail. Down the Street is a casual place where guests can kick back, be themselves and enjoy the indoor or outdoor seating with friends. Food specials add to the appeal of this establishment and guests can select among several speciality drinks or ask one of the mixologists to create a cocktail made to order. A neighborhood vibe and delicious drinks make Down the Street a great place for a holiday beverage.

The Pastry War
310 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 226-7770

Best known for its tequila drinks, The Pastry War is the place to go for specialty drinks with a Mexican cultural emphasis. The establishment is named after a conflict between the Mexicans and French and while it mainly features Mexican drinks, there are some French elements thrown in for style. The Pastry War specializes in tequila and it’s the perfect option for those who like their holiday drinks made with mescal and limes. Order a margarita, learn a little more about Mexican and French culture and chat the night away at the Pastry War, a great place for holiday cocktails.

Anvil Bar and Refuge
1424 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 523-1622

Often cited as one of the very best cocktail lounges in Houston, Anvil Bar and Refuge is a Houston landmark with a reputation as solid as its drinks. Guests often brag about the special care that goes into each drink, making them look and taste like a true work of art. The drink list at Anvil Bar and Refuge is extensive and the bartenders exercise the utmost skill when preparing each and every beverage, making sure that it looks as great as it tastes. The specialty drinks are many at this bar and the holiday drinks are numerous, making it a great place to visit to share a beverage between friends during this festive, giving time of the year.

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Lei Low
6412 N. Main St.
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 380-2968

One of the newer cocktail lounges to dot the Houston landscape, Lei Low is a rum and tiki lounge ready to serve you with care. Lei Low is popular for its large drinks, some of which contain multiple servings and are intended to be shared with a friend or two. Many of the drinks are served in tiki glasses for an authentic experience and the bartenders are specialists in all things rum. When can you Lei Low? Anytime you like, just be sure to bring a companion for a memorable holiday evening of drinks and fun.

3rd Floor
2303 Smith St.
Houston, TX 77006
(832) 384-1960

A bar with a view, 3rd Floor is best known for its cocktails and extensive craft beer selection that rivals even some of Houston’s established beer bars. It is also known for its view of the Houston skyline and many guests are instantly drawn to the patio where they can sip on a drink of their choosing and enjoy the sights of the city. 3rd Floor is slightly more upscale than the average bar but still casual enough to make it comfortable. It’s a great place to visit for drinks, views and memories during the busy holiday season.

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