Are you and your dog getting tired of the same walking routes? Houston is becoming a more dog-friendly city by the day, and there are plenty of parks to take your pooch for a run, walk or just for fresh air. Check out the updated listing of the best parks to walk your dog in Houston below, but don’t forget your leash. Houston’s leash laws require all dogs to be on a leash unless they are in a specified dog park.
West Webster Dog Run
1502 W. Webster St.
Houston, TX 77019
(832) 395-7000

While the West Webster Dog Run is convenient for many who live in the fourth ward close to the west side of downtown, it is best for smaller dogs because it is one of the smaller parks that caters to dogs and their people. There is a dog run measuring 5,000 square feet to let your pooch loose in at this park, and it also has a washing station for your dog, which can help your pet keep cool in Houston’s hot summers.

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Gene Green Beltway 8 Park
6500 E. Sam Houston Parkway
Houston, TX 77049

The Gene Green Beltway 8 Park features 250 acres of activities for you and your dog. There are two miles of walking trails, a dog park and a dog splash park as well as a splash park for people. The park is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., except for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. If you have a small dog that you don’t want playing with larger dogs, there are two areas of the dog park here, one for small dogs and the other for larger dogs, and each play area has a water feature if your pet gets hot.

Baldwin Park
1701 Elgin St.
Houston, TX 77004
(832) 395-7000

Baldwin Park, located conveniently in Midtown, reopened after renovations in 2006 to add chess tables, an updated jogging trail and a Vietnamese heritage pavilion. This five-acre park is also a great place to bring your dog. There are dispensers, which provide bags for cleaning up after your dog, as is required by law. Since this park is not exclusively a dog park, your pet must stay on a leash the entire time, but you and your dog can enjoy a stroll around the 0.35-mile looping trail or sit beneath the 100-year-old oaks.

Cullen Park
19008 Saums Road
Houston, TX 77084
(832) 395-7000

If you like long walks with your dog, Cullen Park on the westside is the place to do it. This park has over seven miles of walking trails, and like other parks, you must have a leash for your dog here. Because Cullen Park is located inside Addicks Reservoir, the park may be flooded after heavy rains. While there are amenities at the park like picnic areas, a splash park, sports fields and an archery range, most of the park is in its natural state. You and your dog can both get a glimpse of nature while out on your walk at this park that is just a few minutes north of the Katy Freeway.

Discovery Green
1500 McKinney St.
Houston, TX 77010
(713) 400-7336

One of the most popular downtown attractions for the whole family is Discovery Green. This park located in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center has events and amenities for every member of your household, including the four-legged ones. Bring your dogs to enjoy a walk in the dog runs at Discovery Green. You must remain in the run with your pet the whole time and clean up after it. Before going, make sure your dog is wearing both its vaccination tag and its license tag. Both of these are required for all dogs in the runs. You cannot bring dogs in heat or those with spiked collars for the safety of other pets, and if your dog is smaller than 15 inches, you may only take it to the small dog run. Aside from the dog runs, you can take your leashed dog on a walk across the vast lawns or through the gardens at Discovery Green.

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