Having a puppy as a part of the family is great, and with these cute, adorable, four-legged creatures comes the joy of spending time with them outdoors. Even though living within the city provides residents with so many conveniences and opportunities, a big back yard is not always readily available with room to run, jump and play for their furbabies. Take a look at the list below for several great dog parks that welcome dogs of all sizes and shapes.
Gene Green Beltway 8 Dog Park
6500 E. Sam Houston Parkway. N.
Houston, TX 77049

If you’re looking for a great puppy park, this one is fully equipped with separate areas for small dogs and puppies. The convenient small dog area has a fun splash pad so that pups can romp around and cool off during hot sunny days. It’s also a nice park for the entire family when a stroll through the woods is in order, with an abundance of benches and water fountains to stay refreshed and hydrated. The Gene Green Beltway 8 Dog Park is fully enclosed with no risk of your dog getting away from you, while large enough to allow your four-legged friend to have as much fun as they want!

Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park
3201 State Highway 6 N.
Houston, TX 77084
(281) 496-2177

This 17-acre fenced-in dog park boasts an abundance of large, lush shade trees, shade shelters, an agility course, a convenient dog wash station and a separate fenced area for small dogs so that they have a place away from the larger breeds, which is perfect when taking your puppy out to play. The bone-shaped swimming ponds are an added bonus in this park and one that could provide not only a chance for your pup to cool off on a steaming hot day but also a fun area to romp around with other puppies.

Johnny Steele Dog Park
2929 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 752-0314

The Johnny Steele Dog Park is located in the Buffalo Bayou Park near downtown Houston and is one of the most interesting and beautiful parks in the city. This particular dog park is a great place for owners and their four-legged friends to enjoy the day playing in the small dog ponds that are the perfect size for puppies or resting under the shaded structures after a hard day of playtime. When playtime is over, there’s no need to take your puppy home covered in dirt or grim, simply take them to the convenient dog washing stations for a quick and easy clean up.

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Alexander Deussen Dog Park
12303 Sonnier St.
Houston, TX 77044
(281) 454-4108

If you’re looking for a dog park that has plenty of room for your pet to run, romp, jump and have a great time, the Alexander Deussen Dog Park is perfect. This park lies in an area of over 300 acres that provides your puppy an abundant area to roam within the fenced-in area yet still remain within your sight. For those needing a bit more than the casual stroll or wide open spaces, the obstacle course is an excellent amenity and will surely give your pup a place to play until they just can’t play anymore. Afterward, feel free to utilize the dog wash station for an easy clean up before heading home.

Bear Branch Dog Park
5200 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77381

Otherwise known as a “bark park,” Bear Branch Dog Park is a great place for a puppy play date. Meet up with friends and their little ones for a day of fun and enjoyment in a park that has plenty of shaded areas and a specified area just for small breed dogs or puppies. With over two acres of space, this park is very well laid-out and is fully equipped with plenty of seating area for rest time in addition to water for thirsty pups after a long day of play. If a large spacious area isn’t enough for your furbaby, maybe the plastic wading pools or agility equipment will get their attention.

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