(Photo Credit: HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

With a large museum district and hundreds of art galleries scattered across the city, no one would deny that Houston is an artistic place. But what about art that is too big to fit inside a museum or gallery? Houston is home to many fine mural artists who paint on such a large scale that they can’t be contained by buildings – they’re all over the buildings. Make sure to take the time to admire the art as you drive or walk by – it’s a spectacular sight for everyone.

iBurn LLC
4227 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025
(888) 984-2876

Want something spicy? This mural, by Aerosol Warfare, lets you know where you can get your spice on. IBurn is a new company featuring all sorts of spicy foods, sauces and other culinary delights, and it has marked its building between Bellaire and West University with a dazzling mural in hot colors.

Breakfast Klub
3711 Travis St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 528-8561
www.thebreakfastklub.comOne of Houston’s favorite breakfast eateries – Dwight Howard was even spotted testing it out when he came to Houston earlier this year – has a larger-than-life mural of President Obama on one side of its bright yellow building. Visible from the light rail, this mural is probably one of the most well known in the city, and it certainly sees a lot of traffic from being at such a busy Midtown intersection. Enjoy the likeness on your way to having delicious breakfast or just on your way to work each morning.

Market Square
420 Travis St.
Houston, TX 77002
www.aerosolwarfare.comOne of the newest murals to grace the Houston art scene was unveiled this summer on the side of Treebeards across from Market Square Park in downtown. Created by local graffiti artist Gonzo247 of the Aerosol Warfare crew, this mural was commissioned by the Houston Arts Alliance and the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau as part of the Houston Is Inspired campaign to help Houston tourism through the promotion of the arts. The mural took more than a month to complete in the hot Houston weather – a very impressive feat.

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Terminal B
2800 N. Terminal Road
Houston, TX 77032
(281) 230-3000
www.dixiefriendgay.comIf you get the chance to walk between Terminal A and Terminal B and the nearby parking garage at George Bush Intercontinental, you’ll be able to see a very large indoor mosaic mural of native Texas wildlife in the swampy, marshland habitat that is found along much of the Gulf Coast. The mural measures eight feet tall and more than 70 feet long and features representations of hummingbirds, dragonflies and many other familiar creatures. The mural took more than a year to compile with four artists working full time, and was designed by local mosaic artist Dixie Friend Gay.

J. Harding
424 W. 19th St.
Houston, TX 77008
www.beansbarton.comThis locally owned T-shirt printing and design company has some bright animals on the building’s side, greeting all of its patrons and other Houstonians driving through the Heights. The colorful work of art was created by local artist Beans Barton in 2008. Beans Barton is known citywide for his bright, colorful artwork which can be seen on theater and other performing arts groups’ posters, CD covers and much more.

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