In a city full of so many cultures and types of people, it is not surprising that we have bookstores to match. From the reader who is just starting out to the seasoned bookworm who knows their way around the stacks and is always in search of the next best story, there is a fabulous local bookstore in Houston for everyone. There were so many community-centered bookstores in Houston that we had to feature five more. Some of these local shops feature well-loved used books where you can find out-of-print gems not found in large chain bookstores, and others feature books on specific topics, including faith or scientific research. Check out these top local bookstores in Houston the next time you’re looking for the perfect read.

The Lift
365 W. 19th St.
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 868-5438  

The Lift has a great selection of books for readers of all ages, but it’s not just books. This shop in the Houston Heights also has a selection of stationery, gifts and jewelry. As a boutique bookshop in a stylish neighborhood, this is a perfect place to go and find a great new bestseller and some fashionable accessories and literary knick-knacks to go alongside the book. Be sure to check out The Lift’s line of Waxing Poetic jewelry – a great unique find!

Kaboom Books
3116 Houston Ave.
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 869-7600 
Kaboom Books is a used bookstore that has moved into Houston’s Woodland Heights from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Come inside to find a great copy of an old favorite among the more than 100,000 paperbacks within its walls. In addition to the wide selection of books, Kaboom Books hosts cultural events on the patio throughout the year. Recent events include a live poetry reading from New York-based poets Nicole Callihan, James Tolan and Lorraine Doran as well as collaborations with the Menil Collection for new and upcoming literary artists. 

Unity Bookstore of Houston
2929 Unity Drive
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 782-8320 
Attached to the Unity community of faith, this bookstore is full of books, gifts and course materials for those wishing to explore their spirituality. A large collection of books, CDs and DVDs is a great place to start looking into spiritual growth. The bookstore is also a communal gathering space for members of the community to listen to lectures, take classes and attend book signings. Check out the unique selection of gifts for that hard-to-shop-for family member or friend. Unity offers salt lamps, singing bowls, spiritual tokens and much more.

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Brown Technical Bookshop
1517 San Jacinto St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 652-3937 

Founded in 1946, this family-owned bookstore has been the place to find technical publications and the latest books on science, technology and industry for more than 50 years. This bookstore is so good at what it does, that it has made a name for itself internationally as one of the premier places to find professional and technical books. Over the years, Brown Technical Bookshop has expanded and now carries books geared towards business, medicine, law, standards & codes, technical specifications, engineering, science & industry and much more. For the historian, check out some of Brown’s historical editions to see just how far we’ve come in the past decades.

Twice Told Tales
8648 Highway 6 N.
Houston, TX 77095
(281) 463-4961 

This beloved old bookstore offers a wide array of used books for affordable prices. It often has old copies of class sets from English and Language Arts courses, so if your student needs to do some highlighting and taking notes in the margins, then they should be able to find a copy for cheap here. Check out Twice Told Tales’ “letter of the month” sales, where each month a different letter gets a discount. That means you can stock up on books by one author (try for every Anne Rice novel in the “R” month or all of the Danielle Steele you can get your hands on in “S”) at up to 75 percent off!

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Gillian Kruse is a freelance writer living in Houston. She graduated from Rice University with a great love for all performing and visual arts. She enjoys writing about arts and cultural events, especially little-known ones, to help Houstonians learn about what’s going on in their city. Her work can be found at