Since Houston ranks among the top 10 high tech cities in the U.S., chances are good there’s a techie in your life. Chances are also good that you’ve stressfully hunted the Houston area for a thoughtful gift for your tech savvy companion. Luckily, Houston is home to a number of shops that sell innovative tech products, whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a technology-loving friend or searching for the latest high tech gadget for yourself.
10402 Harwin Drive
Houston TX, 77036
(713) 773-9898

Directron is one of Houston’s top shops for the do-it-yourself computer geek. New and refurbished notebooks, tablets and desktops, along with digital cameras, cell phones, docking stations, hard drives, circuit boards, gaming gear, and just about anything else a high tech lover could want are available at Directron. The large selection of competitively priced computer building blocks and technological gadgets makes it a favorite spot for IT specialists and hardcore gamers in Houston.

Spy Emporium
1550 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 774-1000

In case you’re not in the market for super=sleuth spy glasses—though they do have a selection—the Spy Emporium sells a myriad of other useful tech gear. Radio frequency (RF) blocking security cases for tablets and smartphones to protect from identity theft and cell phone spying, home security cameras,  and car windshield cameras and GPS trackers are a few of the shops high-tech products. The store also offers diversion safes, such as hollow coins to conceal valuable MicroSD memory cards or furniture with hidden compartments, to store valuable items.

Houston Trunk Factory
5085 Westheimer Road, Suite #2580
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 961-3441

Part of the Colorado Bag’n Baggage family, Houston Trunk Factory is a local retailer that offers unique gifts for techies who travel. The store, located in the Galleria, is one of the few shops in Houston to sell SCOTTeVEST products, which are items specifically created for on-the-go tech lovers. Cotton hoodies with hidden pockets to house ear buds and small tablets, button down shirts with secret storage for sunglasses or smart phones, and soft cardigans with hidden compartments are a few of the clever clothing items you’ll find in addition to inflatable, ergonomic travel pillows and travel organizers made for tech gear.

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Central Spy Shop
7087 Highway 6 N.
Houston, TX 77095
(281) 550-7797

Central Spy Shop sells standard security cameras and GPS trackers, but also offers an array of other unusual, but useful, products the tech lover may appreciate. Computer monitoring devices or keyboard keystroke loggers are available to ensure children are not viewing inappropriate material, or purchase and install nanny cams from Central Spy Shop to monitor activity of caregivers while you’re away. The store also sells personal protection products, like an iPhone case with built-in pepper spray for self-defense and an electronic barking dog with radar to detect unusual movement through doors, walls and windows for techies looking to deter home invasions.

TFW Computers
2551 N. Gessner
Houston, Texas 77080
(713) 461-8660

Since 1983, TFW Computers (formerly The Floppy Wizard) has provided Houston techies with the latest and greatest in computer hardware. In addition to pre-fab computers, the store offers on-site computer repairs and upgrades to desktops and laptops, as well as made-to-order PC’s. TFW also sells essential computer peripherals–such as keyboards, routers, media, switches and monitors– and provides data recovery and malware removal services.

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