Residents of a metropolitan area as large as Houston often turn to their local supermarket for produce. Some grocery stores sell a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but a better way to get your hands on the freshest produce possible is through a community garden. The plant-based foods are grown and harvested by the community and customers can sometimes take part in the gardening and even hand-pick their own food. Here are the top community gardens in Houston.
Urban Harvest
2311 Canal St.
Houston, TX 77003
(713) 880-5540

Houston’s largest and best known community garden organization is Urban Harvest, This collection of gardens extends throughout the city, growing fresh vegetables and an assortment of fruits, both for sale and for donation to food pantries. Urban Harvest also operates farmer’s markets, one of which is the largest in the Houston area.Urban Harvest believes food education is very important too, and as a result they have partnered with dozens of elementary and secondary schools in Houston, growing smaller community gardens and encouraging students to learn more about agriculture and nutrition.

City Hall Victory Garden
901 Bagby St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 837-0311

A vegetable container garden, City Hall Victory Garden is a local government effort to improve food production and encourage urban gardening. These gardens specialize in vegetables and feature some of the freshest and best foods grown anywhere in the city. The gardens are so- named because they supply the necessary goods for a weekly farmer’s market, held in downtown Houston, right in front of city hall. Tranquility Park, also in downtown, contains the main garden but City Hall Victory Garden includes other locations as well.

McGovern Centennial Gardens
1500 Herman Drive
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 524-5876

McGovern Centennial Gardens is a large collection of community gardens inside Houston’s popular Hermann Park. The gardens are located very close to the Museum District and feature flowers, vegetables and herbs. Some stroll through McGovern Centennial Gardens to catch a glimpse of the beautiful flowers, but the family garden is the focal point of education and activity. Volunteers help maintain the gardens and many people leave each day with fresh produce in hand.

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Mandell Park
1200 Mandell St.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 524-4285

Once a simple park with a few walkways, picnic tables and swings, Mandell Park has grown into something much greater. It houses a large community garden, Meredith Garden, that grows vegetables and herbs for local use. This park and garden differ from others because they are not owned and operated by the city. The Friends of Mandell Park operate and maintain the park and its gardens, encouraging stewardship and promoting good health through locally grown produce.

Campus Community Garden
434 University Drive
Houston, TX 77204
(832) 842-9051

Drive over to the University of Houston and you will find the Campus Community Garden. This garden is small but important for educational and community purposes. The garden is maintained by students who strive to grow vegetables that adhere to organic standards. The vegetables grown in this community garden are not available for sale. Instead, they are donated to local food banks and other nonprofit organizations, demonstrating the University of Houston’s commitment to a strong community.

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