Exercise is essential to good health. Combining exercise with the outdoors is even better and bicycling is a great way to get the fitness you need for good health while also enjoying the fresh air. Some may choose to ride their bicycle on the streets near home, but riding on a bike trail is the best way to experience nature in all its grandeur. Here are some of the best bike trails in Houston.
Terry Hershey Park Hike And Bike Trail

Located near Houston’s Beltway 8 on the west side, Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail is a great place to get away from the hustle of the nearby urban area and go for a spin. The trails are mostly paved but they include some unpaved sections as well for a greater challenge. Many like to bring their mountain bikes to Terry Hershey Park and see how well they can handle the dirt sections of the path and how quickly they can navigate the peaks and valleys. It’s a great place to experience a little bit of natural scenery very close to urban activity.

George Bush Park

Those who prefer a longer bike trail further away from the city should consider George Bush Park. This is one of the largest parks in the Houston area and it is notable for its open fields, a few trees, and dog-friendly atmosphere as well as its walking and biking trails. Bicycling at George Bush Park is a relatively easy ride since the entire trail is mostly flat. Pedestrians and bicyclists share the trails, so be sure to show courtesy to those on foot as you spend time at George Bush Park, a good place to get away from it all.

Herman Brown Park

If your idea of a good park is one complete with trees and loads of different activities, then Herman Brown Park is the place for you. This park, located east of the city, features a large section of trees for a more natural experience. It offers fishing, a playground, sports fields and, of course, biking trails. Herman Brown Park has some of the longest bike trails in Houston and cyclists can easily spend a couple of hours here as they peddle down the paved and unpaved trail sections with the sights and sounds of nature all around.

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Keith Weiss Park

Another large park, Keith Weiss Park is located only a few minutes north of downtown, but the natural look and feel of the park will make you think you’re much further away. Those who visit Keith Weiss Park usually mention the natural component as the main reason to visit, and they also love the bike trails. The paved trails are wide enough to accompany both pedestrians and bicyclists with room to spare. The park is generally quiet and bikers will love the dirt paths with their small hills and curves, for added endurance and fun.

Cullen Park

Head over to Houston’s west side, close to the suburb of Katy, and you will arrive at Cullen Park. Known as a getaway for suburbanites looking for a nice place to have a picnic, Cullen Park is also a good place for bicycling. The north and south trail provide several miles of natural scenery and it’s common to encounter deer and other wildlife as you traverse the paved pathways. Cullen Park is also home to the Alkek Velodrome, a cycling racetrack operated by the Greater Houston Cycling Foundation that is commonly used for time trials. It’s a nice, quiet park for bicycling without distractions on Houston’s west side.

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