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August 29, 2014 7:00 AM

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Baseball season has come to an end but that doesn’t mean that those who play the game are out of commission. With great weather almost year round in Texas, hardcore players and novice hitters alike all love to practice their batting skills at anytime, on or off season. Houston is home to a well-rounded group of facilities that cater to anyone looking to improve their game.

Oaks Batter Up Texas
3004 Yale St., Suite B
Houston, TX. 77018
(713) 957-2323

This retail and training facility offers the best in batting cage equipment and is designed with the serious player in mind. As a Houston-area business since 1994, The Oaks Batter Up Texas facility caters to baseball and softball training in addition to offering individual and team camps and lock-ins on a reserved basis throughout the year. Baseball and softball enthusiasts can not only work on their batting technique but also purchase the equipment required for their sport.

Advantage Baseball
8515 Jackrabbit Road, Suite Q
Houston, TX. 77095
(281) 550-2433

At Advantage Baseball, the batting cages are made for movement. This baseball training facility offers batting cages made to accommodate swings from both sides with plenty of room for the individual batter and pitcher. With seven instructional batting cages and four automated token cages, Advantage Baseball has a training level for every age group from four to 99 years of age and form kid level to MLB level. No need to worry about a pitcher’s mound, but be sure to bring equipment needed such as batting T’s, balls, helmets and bats.

The Dugout Baseball Academy
8717 Knight Road
Houston, TX 77054
(713) 795-5991

The Dugout Baseball Academy is a Houston baseball training facility that caters to the elite athlete. Fifty- and 70-foot cages are available to not only individuals, but also groups or teams that wish to hone their batting skills. Baseball and softball players will find training at The Dugout Baseball Academy to be a serious baseball experience, and one that will improve their game and take them to the next level of the sport.

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Zuma Fun Center
6767 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77074
(713) 981-7888

Get the feel of being a Major League Baseball hitters at the Zuma Fun Center batting cages. Baseball and softball players can choose a variety of pitching speeds. Helmets and bats are provided to visitors with proper identification and a height requirement of 48 inches tall. This fun center is perfect for those wanting to not only work on their hitting, but also for anyone interested in a little baseball fun.

Miracles Baseball Academy
6823 Theall Road, Unit C
Houston, TX 77066
(281) 440-6325

Offering services for ages five and older, Miracles Baseball is the only Houston facility that features the Home Plate Pitching Machine.
This computerized pitching machine has the ability to throw not only fastballs and sliders but also change ups and curve balls as well. Hitters are able to design their own sequence, repeat or randomly choose from the pitch selection. All cage rentals include the helmet, tee, L-screen, pitching machine and baseballs. Several packages are available, including facility membership and various types of training and rates.

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