Tax filing deadline is April 15 and it’s a day we all dread but a day we must face. Gathering up our W-2, 1099 forms, and lists of itemized deductions, we all must file our taxes by the cutoff date or else face possible fines. The tax refund check, often brings a relief from Uncle Sam. Filing taxes commonly results in the need for a drink and what better time to seek out some great libations than the day the tax refund check arrives in the mail? Here are the top bars to spend your tax return money and celebrate the end of the tax season.
The Pastry War
310 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 225-3310

Named after an historic conflict between Mexico and France, The Pasty War is a great place to pamper yourself and celebrate the end of the tax season. The drinks made at The Pastry War rank among the best in the city and the margarita and other libations are consistently voted among the best in Houston. Sip and savor the specialty drinks with their complex and herbal character while you forget you ever had to deal with w-2 forms. It’s one of Houston’s best bars and it awaits your company this April 15.

Laurenzo’s Restaurant
4412 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 880-5111

Known for its excellent food as well as its delicious drinks, Laurenzo’s is a Houston establishment with an upscale vibe. Guests usually start out with the amazing prime rib before ordering a glass of wine or specialty beverage from the full-service bar. Laurenzo’s specializes in Italian cuisine and drinks, but there are other options to suit individual tastes. A serving of chocolate bread pudding and a glass of dessert wine makes a great way to wrap up the day at Laurenzo’s as your tax worries fade.

Whiskey River
7637 FM 1960
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 477-0528

If an all-out night club experience is what your body craves, then the place to visit in Houston is Whiskey River. This dance club establishment is one of the largest in the city and it makes a great stopover for those who like to line dance and two-step. Loud, rowdy, and made for celebrations Whiskey River is classy yet casual, with a coat check service and lots of extras to make your visit memorable. Dance the night away with the large crowd and forget your finances at Whiskey River, one of Houston’s largest night clubs and a perfect place to leave your troubles behind.

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The Marque
798 Sorella Court
Houston, TX 77024
(832) 726-1930

If you visit Houston’s trendy City Centre, one place you don’t want to miss is The Marque. This classy bar is a great place to enjoy a little pampering from the full-service bar while you rub elbows with the business and hipster crowd. The Marque has a strict dress code, so guests need to make sure they dress appropriately. This small inconvenience is easily worth it, as the Marque aims to please in all respects, from the exceptional service to the elegant decor and beyond. You’ve worked hard and deserve to be spoiled at The Marque, one of Houston’s best bars for celebrating in an upscale way.

3rd Floor Bar
2303 Smith St. 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77006
(832) 384-1960

Houston’s Midtown is home to 3rd Floor Bar, a watering hole so named because it is located atop another bar and resides on the 3rd floor of its building. This trendy night spot is great for those who appreciate a wide selection of beer and cocktails combined with sports viewing, outdoor scenery, and music. The beer taps go on and on, the atmosphere is inviting, the view of downtown is unparalleled. and the attentive service is second to none. Add up all the ingredients and you have the perfect recipe for a celebration of Tax Day closure and a return to life as normal.

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