Top Bars For Billiards In Houston

February 20, 2014 7:00 AM

Sports bars are best known for their emphasis on viewing football, basketball and other live sports on television. But some people prefer active participation and one sport that accommodates a bar atmosphere is billiards. A game of pool can be competitive but can also be enjoyed for fun and the experience is greatly enhanced with a great bar serving a variety of drinks. Here are some of Houston’s best bars for a game of billiards.

Sunny’s Bar
902 Capital St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 224-3200

Pool tables, foosball tables, shuffleboard and other games help patrons relax at Sunny’s Bar in downtown Houston. The atmosphere is laid back and customers are treated like family by Sunny’s bartenders and personnel. Shoot a game of pool, order your favorite drink and then relax on the couch. Sunny’s is a place where you can sit back and be yourself, making it a favorite among regulars.

Click’s Billiards
13380 N.W. Freeway
Houston, TX 77040
(713) 895-9992

A nice place to shoot some pool and grab a drink or two, Click’s Billiards serves the northwest Houston area with good service and fun for all. Customers can start with a round of pool and then play a game of cards on one of the poker tables followed by a round of darts. Drinks are inexpensive at Click’s Billiards and beer is sold by the bucket, for an even more economical price. Those who prefer fresh air can opt for the patio and let the misters and fans keep them cool. Whether you want to play or just grab a drink and chill, Click’s has you covered.

Barney’s Billiard Saloon
1702 West Loop N.
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 869-8061

Food, drinks and a full bar await guests at Barney’s Billiard Saloon. The food selection is good for a billiard bar and the bartenders can make any drink on the planet thanks to the large selection of liquors and mixers. A jukebox helps to keep the place lively with an assortment of rap, tejano and rock music available. Barney’s Billiard Saloon has frequent drink specials and pool tables are rented for a reasonable hourly rate. Stop by after work or on the weekend with friends and enjoy the friendly, non-pretentious atmosphere that has made Barney’s Billiard Saloon so popular.

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Fast Eddie’s Billiards
12344 Gulf Freeway, Suite A
Houston, TX 77034

With its large number of pool tables, Fast Eddie’s Billiards is the ideal choice when you want to shoot some pool and don’t have time to wait. Not only is it easy to get a table, but the prices are better than other pool halls, often with a flat fee charged for unlimited play time. Fast Eddie’s Billiards even has free pool nights when guests can shoot the stick all night long for no additional charge. A good drink selection and several food options round out an evening of entertainment at Fast Eddie’s Billiards.

M.J. Poolhouse
9889 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77036
(832) 275-2563

Located in a small strip mall, M.J. Poolhouse is a nice place to visit when you want to play some pool, order some drinks and just hang out with friends. The establishment has both pool tables and snooker tables for added entertainment. The interior isn’t as large as some of the other billiard bars, but there is plenty of elbow room and the atmosphere is cozy. Drinks are inexpensive and pool tables are rented by the hour for your convenience. A quick snack can be purchased at the bar and there are several good Chinese restaurants nearby for a heartier meal.

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