Tips On Fitting A Swimsuit To Your Bodytype From A Houston Expert

April 2, 2013 7:00 AM

Get the right suit for this year to flatter your figure, no matter what your size or build.

Swimsuit season always starts early here in southeast Texas. By April, the weather has warmed up enough to warrant a dip in the pool or a day trip down to the beach on Galveston Island. This year, don’t let picking a swimsuit be a frightening experience. If you know what to look for based on your body type, you can get a suit that both fits and flatters. Sheila Lawshe shares her expertise in picking the right suit that will fit and flatter any body type.
Sheila Lawshe
A-Gleam Swimwear
5228 Highway 6 N.
Houston, TX 77084
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Sheila Lawshe owns A-Gleam Swimwear, a group of four swimwear shops in the Houston area, which has been operating for the last 33 years. She is also in charge of team orders for both the Bear Creek and Clear Lake stores. She reassures women desperately seeking swimwear, “Never think that there is not a swim suit for you; there is, and there are many options.”
Suits For Pears

Pear-shaped women carry their weight around their hips. Sheila Lawshe suggests wearing a tankini and skirt. This type of swimsuit has a long top, like a tank top that reaches the bottom of the suit. Another option is an A-line cut that has a skirt at the bottom. Skirts help to camouflage the hips and upper legs. Either type of suit looks good in a solid color or with a print.
Long And Lean

Those with long and lean figures are sometimes envied by other women, but this body shape can have a hard time finding the right swimsuit to make the form appear more feminine. Sheila recommends a sweetheart cut at the top of the suit, which moves the eyes to the top of a long torso, instead of along the torso. One-piece suits or tankinis help to reduce the appearance of a long torso and lean women can appear to have more curves with ruffles on the suit. When choosing ruffles or runching, prints are the best option.Related: Checklist For A Fun Day At The Beach Or Pool
Apple Shapes

Those with a round figure with more in the middle can benefit from tummy control panels on their swimsuits. A common problem shared by apple-shaped women is a large chest, which makes their trunks look shorter. Getting a suit in a size larger allows for more room in the suit, as long as the suit is never put in the washer or dryer. Maxback, Proback and halter cuts have straps in the back that improve support in the front. Ruffles or runching on a suit can help to hide problematic areas. For people who want to hide more in the middle, prints are the best option. Skirts should be used with care because they can make a short woman appear even tinier.Related: Best Swimwear Shops In Houston
One Size Fits All?

Unfortunately, there is not really one swimsuit style that will fit every body shape or size. Lawshe notes that the torso length and body shape both just as important when picking out a suit. It is important to know your body shape and how you want a swimsuit to flatter your figure before you go shopping. If you are unsure about your shape, getting a professional opinion about swimwear for you can help.
General Advice For Figure Flattering

When asked what she would tell any woman to do while shopping for a swimsuit, Lawshe noted several things to look for. Women should find a suit that flatters and supports the chest, not flattens it. Ruffles can be chosen to hide body folds or to give body to thin women. Patterns can do the same. Finding the right swimsuit may require some looking, but Sheila asserts that there is a flattering swimsuit for everyone.
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