Hotel lodging is the common means for stays away from home but a good alternative is a hostel. Usually small, less formal and more personalized in nature, hostels are rewarding in multiple ways. Not only are hostels less expensive than hotels, they are also known for dorm- like facilities that are great for meeting new people. They are often located near major attractions, making them the perfect choice for someone who needs a place to stay and would like to explore local points of interest. Here are some of the best hostels located in the Houston area.

HI-Houston: The Morty Rich Hostel
501 Lovett Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 636-9776

Morty Rich Hostel is one of Houston’s finest hostels. Located in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood in a historic mansion, this hostel offers amenities such as a swimming pool, free wifi, onsite laundry and complimentary breakfast. A well-stocked kitchen supplies guests with pasta, rice, flour and other extras and all guests receive complimentary coffee and tea. It is one of the few hostels that offers 24- hour check- in services and it is open every day of the year.

Houston International Hostel
5302 Crawford St.
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 523-1009

Located in Houston’s famed Museum district, Houston International Hostel is an excellent place of lodging for those who want to soak up some knowledge. The hostel is within walking distance of more than thirty museums and its central location is ideal for the tourist on the go. This hostel is housed in an older home and it has been in operation as a hostel for more than thirty years. Houston International Hostel even sports its own museum-like qualities, with displays of African art and Native American artifacts.

Friends House Hostel
1818 Lubbock St.
Houston, TX 77007
(832) 889-8411

Friends House Hostel is an excellent place to relax and feel at home. Like its name suggests, the staff at Friends House Hostel wants its guests to feel like they have discovered a new friend and they strive to treat all visitors as treasured friends just waiting to share new experiences. Friends House is located near all major transportation. With such short walking distance to downtown, it makes an ideal choice for those who want to stay in a hostel but also want to be near the big city action.

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Santa Maria Hostel
2605 Parker Road
Houston, TX 77093
(713) 691-0900

Santa Maria is a different type of hostel. More than merely a place of lodging, Santa Maria also serves as a place of refuge that serves women in crisis. It is operated as a non-profit organization and offers mental health services and outpatient programming. Its home-like facilities help women feel relaxed and safe as they share their experiences with other guests and receive assistance from trained personnel. A stay at Santa Maria hostel can be life-changing, as many former guests will affirm.

Space Pod Houston
10046 Rosbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77038
(888) 850-3958

Space Pod Houston offers everything a guest would expect in a hostel plus more. Dorm room accommodations, kitchen and laundry service, a barbecue area and other amenities help guests feel right at home. The living quarters can be rented for up to 60 consecutive days and can accommodate groups of up to 10 guests. Space Pod Houston is located near Bush airport and offers complimentary airport transfers for its guests, for a full hospitality experience.

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