Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From Houston Beauty Gurus

February 19, 2013 7:00 AM

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This spring, don’t let your makeup look like you’re ready for winter. In Houston’s warm and humid climate makeup tends to easily smear, and with the early arrival of hot weather, we have different rules for beauty than other parts of the country. Find out what Houston’s makeup experts have to say about the styles, trends and tips to follow for this spring season to keep you looking fresh and beautiful.

Kristin Daniell Makeup Artistry
1229 Heights Blvd.
Houston, TX 77008
(281) 732-4356

For this spring, Kristin Daniell, a professional makeup artist in Houston with her own studio, makes several suggestions that can also be used all year long. She recommends transforming your face with a professional eyebrow shaping. She offers this service by appointment only at her Heights-area studio. For this spring, you can also use waterproof mascara on top of regular mascara to both prevent smudging and damage to your eyelashes. If you have a hard time picking lip color, Daniell suggests finding a shade that is one darker than your natural lip color.

Makeup By Sheila
P.O. Box 440416
Houston, TX 77244
(281) 935-7000

Sheila Ybarra is the owner of Makeup by Sheila. To keep your looks up to date for the last of this winter and into the spring, she recommends bold colors for your face: bold brows, lip color, blush and eye liner. For eye liner, she suggests using a chocolate gel liner instead of black. The softer brown color can make it easier to transition from work to play without redoing your eye liner. She sells such an indelible gel eye liner on her website.

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Norris Of Houston Salon And Day Spa
2033 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 627-0000

Donna Abate is a professional makeup artist with Norris of Houston Salon and Day Spa. She says that eyelash curlers can really open up the appearance of your eyes, and the best type of curler to get is a Japanese curler, which will give you better results than other types. You should also avoid using a bronzer if your face is the same color as your chest. If you have a fair skin tone, for color, Ms. Abate suggests using a sunless tanner on your chest, neck and face to enhance your color.

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Airbrushed By Robin
10333 Harwin Drive, Suite 235L
Houston, TX 77036
(979) 732-4362

Robin Wormington is the owner of Airbrushed by Robin. To keep lipstick on longer, she says to apply a first coat then blot it before applying the final coat on top. She also recommends avoiding using both silicone and water based makeup products together because they will separate. For fewer touchups throughout the day, Ms. Wormington suggests applying a setting spray after you finish putting on your makeup.

Houston Makeup Inc.
2717A Rockyridge Drive
Houston, TX 77063
(832) 880-5341

A 15-year veteran of the beauty and makeup business, Lily Yanez knows about makeup. To make the eyes pop without looking smaller, you need to use a tightly applied eyeliner. Primer is also essential to avoid your makeup looking and feeling caked. She also suggests using eyebrow powder or eyeshadow to define the eyebrows. She only uses eyebrow pencils to add color to an area that does not have any hair, and eyeliner and mascara are less likely to smear if you add a little bit of powder around the lash line.

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