Best Restaurants Serving Local, Seasonal Beer In Houston

October 27, 2012 6:00 AM

Houston’s beer brewing heritage is carried on by today’s local brewers. You can find their year-round and seasonal offerings at some of the best eateries around town.

pub Best Restaurants Serving Local, Seasonal Beer In Houston

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Historically, several breweries operated in Houston during the 19th and early 20th century, and that tradition of preparing local brews continues today. Many of the local breweries are known nation wide, but some of them are smaller operations. The good thing about smaller brewing companies is their ability to change the types of beer they sell seasonally. To get a sampling of the best locals this season, start here.

The Queen Vic
2712 Richmond Ave.
Houston, Texas 77098
(713) 533-0022

The Queen Vic is known as a restaurant, but it also serves great beers from the pub. You can find Conroe-based Southern Star Brewery’s seasonal beer on tap. While its summer brew is the light, slightly citrusy farmhouse ale called Walloon, enjoy its Pro-AM 2012 Double India Pale Ale until late fall or early winter. This IPA features the bright flavors of hops and citrus.

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Houston Texans Grille
12848 Queensbury Lane, Suite 208
Houston, Texas 77024
(713) 461-2002

Newly opened late last year, the Houston Texans Grille is the ultimate sports restaurant for any fan of the Houston Texans or football. Watch your favorite game on any of the many televisions, or host a fantasy football party. Because nothing goes with football as well as beer, there are plenty to choose from. Throughout the year, enjoy Houston brewer, Saint Arnold’s Brewery’s, seasonal beer. For the fall, look for Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest on tap. This rich, malty beer is full of flavor and low on sweetness. It usually lasts through October until the Christmas Ale comes into season.
13 Celsius European Wine Bar and Cafe
3000 Caroline St.
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 529-8466

Though not a seasonally flavored beer, the limited edition Buffalo Bayou Brewing More Cowbell Double IPA is good enough to seek out while it’s available this fall. This ultra-smooth beer has just enough of a hops finish to remind you that you are still drinking a beer, and a great one at that. You can find it at 13 Celsius for $7 for a 12-ounce draft. The name of this bar refers to the temperature the wines are stored at. If feel peckish, enjoy upscale food bites including cheeses and meats, but don’t expect a full, multi-course meal.
Anvil Bar & Refuge
1424 Westheimer Road Suite. B
Houston, Texas 77006
(713) 523-1622

Karbach’s Hellfighter Imperial Porter is only $6 at Anvil Bar and Refuge. This robust porter is ideal for the chilly fall weather that starts here in Houston in late October. Bold and dark, this porter appears nearly black. Overtones of chocolate malt and dark-roasted coffee permeate throughout, but especially at the finish. This seasonal beer is truly not for the faint-of-heart, but if you like bold flavors, it’s a must try.

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Mojo’s Sports Grille
18323 W. Lake Houston Parkway
Humble, Texas 77346
(281) 812-0405

With more than 50 taps available, you are sure to find a local beer at Mojo’s Sports Grille. Thanks to Houston’s extensive freeway system, you can get to Humble in just a few minutes from downtown. This sports bar defines itself as a family friendly environment with an enormous bar offering. Enjoy standard barfare as well as more substantial food, including steak, here. Its seasonal No Labels beer, the Mint IPA, does not leave you feeling like you just ate a peppermint. Rather, you will immediately notice the pine and citrus flavors, then the mint sneaks up at the end as a mild finish. Watch out for the bold-tasting winter seasonal, the sweet and creamy Elda M Milk Stout, to replace this summer beer at Mojo’s.
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