Best Places For Eyebrow Threading In Houston

April 16, 2013 8:00 AM

Proper grooming takes time, effort and precision. Some types of personal grooming can be completed solo or with the assistance of a friend or family member, but other beauty tasks are best left to a professional. Among these acts of personal beauty preparation best performed by professionals, eyebrow care requires a steady hand and the right tools to make the job as painless as possible. A good alternative to traditional methods of eyebrow care such as tweezers and wax is eyebrow threading. Here are some of the best places for eyebrow threading in the Houston area.
Anisa Beauty Salon
6121 Hillcroft St., D
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 774-7575
www.anisabeautyparlor.comA visit to Anisa Beauty Salon is all about personal enhancement. Anisa personnel know that customers have unique needs and desires and its beauticians are prepared to help customers achieve the right look. Professional eyebrow threading and waxing services are among Anisa’s specialities and thousands of customers rave about the new, beautiful look they achieved at the hands of Anisa Beauty Salon’s expert staff. Prices are reasonable, guests are treated with care and many go back for repeat visits as a personal reward to themselves, a true testament to Anisa’s beauty expertise.

Aaina Salon
11719 Jones Road
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 897-8783
www.aainasalons.comBeauty experts at Aaina Salon know that the right shape and smoothness of the eyebrows can make an individual look more beautiful and more youthful. To this end, Aaina Salon offers an eyebrow threading process that uses all- cotton thread to remove stray hairs from the eyebrows and shape them just right. Aaina Salon also offers traditional wax services, but most customers agree that eyebrow threading is better and results in longer- lasting beauty. Cap off your visit to Aaina Salon with a full facial for an all- around beauty treatment certain to turn the heads of friends, family and admirers alike.

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Beauty and Beyond Skin Care Center
410 Sul Ross
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 528-7546
www.beautyandbeyondhouston.comYour personal beauty is the number one priority at Beauty and Beyond Skin Care Center. This award-winning salon offers a wide array of skin care services that include eyebrow threading, eyebrow shaping and even eyebrow tinting for the more stylish and independent. At Beauty and Beyond Skin Care Center, the customer is number one and the center’s staff includes some of the best trained and most renowned stylists in the area. Whether threading is needed on the eyebrows or on other areas such as the forehead or chin, Beauty and Beyond Skin Care Center has a service to accommodate individual needs.

Eyebrow Energy
2415 Bissonnet, Suite 104
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 397-7183
www.eyebrowenergy.comEyebrow threading is one of the specialities at Eyebrow Energy. Customer concerns melt away as Eyebrow Energy’s trained staff gets to work, utilizing a threading process that removes unwanted hair and leaves smooth, shapely eyebrows behind. Those with unwanted hair on other parts of the face or on the ears or arms can have the same threading procedure applied there as well. Once the threading process is complete, the hair is eliminated and the skin is left feeling smooth and looking beautiful.

Just Brows
113 W. 5th
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 868-6234
www.justbrows.comA salon with a penchant for shaping the eyebrows in just the right way to match your look, Just Brows specializes in eyebrow arching and uses techniques that go far beyond simple plucking. A visit to Just Brows can completely change a woman’s appearance and confidence as the salon’s well- trained personnel advise customers on the best eyebrow shape to enhance their natural beauty. Just Brows wants its customers to experience a complete beauty makeover and besides making eyebrows look stylish, the salon also offers facials, spa services and more. Ladies walk out of Just Brows with a new appreciation for the art and skill of eyebrow threading and a new outlook on life.

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