Best Markets To Shop In Mexico City

November 24, 2014 7:00 AM

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Open-air markets are a longstanding tradition in Mexico City. In fact, there are over three hundred markets throughout the city. While vacationing in Mexico City, visiting a market is one of the best ways to authentically experience Mexican culture.

Mercado de la Merced
Calle Rosario S/N, Venustiano Carranza
Merced Balbuena, 15810
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
+52 55 5522 7250

To get the most classic Mexican market experience, head to Mercado de la Merced. It borders the center of the city and is also one of the city’s largest markets. This market is quite old and can be traced back to the 1860s. A majority of the market is fruit and vegetables, but it is also easy to find cookware, kitchen supplies, butchers and street food stands. Mercado de la Merced is definitely one of Mexico City’s must-sees, however, it is highly recommend to go in the morning, with a group.

Mercado de la Nueva Viga
Fish Market and Market
Eje 6 sur # 560 (Río Churubusco)
Colonia San José Aculco, 09000
Iztapalapa, Federal District, Mexico

Nueva Viga is one of the largest fish markets in the world which is fairly remarkable considering Mexico City is not on a coast. The market is only second to Japan’s Tsukiji seafood market. The market is privately owned, and is host to more than 200 wholesale seafood warehouses. This is something aspiring cooks and foodies will have to see to believe. This massive market moves thousands of tons of seafood per day that come from and eventually head all over the world.

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La Lagunilla
Corner Rayón and Allende
Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

This market is more traditional and eclectic than the produce market at Mercado de la Merced and the massive seafood market at Mercado de la Nueva Viga. Here, visitors are more likely to find furniture, clothing and other housewares. This market has ancient roots and has been a commercial and cultural heart of the city since the Aztec Empire. In addition to the open-air stands, there are also many permanent brick and mortar shops in the area, which is perfect for shoppers that prefer a more curated selection of goods.

La Central de Abasto
Av. Canal de Rio Churubusco S/N
Iztapalapa, Central de Abastos, 09040
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
+52 55 5694 6938

La Central de Abasto is one of the most important markets in the country. Much of Mexico’s food travels through this market before reaching its final destination. It is a great place to find almost any kind of produce at wholesale prices, which can be a lot of fun for visiting foodies. The market is located inside a huge structure that is more than 7,000 feet long. This market is a major resource for the 8 million people that live in Mexico City, so this is a great place to go in order to really understand life in the city.

Sullivan Market
Manuel María Contreras Cuauhtemoc
José Rosas Moreno, 06470
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico

People looking to try out some of the best street food in Mexico should definitely head to the Sullivan Street Market. This is the best place to get cheap and delicious eats and is a bit more fun than some of the markets that only sell produce. The food stands set up every Saturday on James Sullivan Avenue between Manuel María Contreras and Rosas Moreno. Beware, there are tons of delectable options to choose from in Sullivan Market, so it may be worth doing some research on Mexican Street food to help narrow down your choices.

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