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Kettlebell workouts are all the rage across the United States. Traditional workouts involving the use of dumbbells have been replaced by this new form of exercise that utilizes a ball shaped weight with a handle. The rounded handle is easier to grip than a typical weight, and the ball-shaped weight makes for a more complete workout that targets more muscle groups than traditional barbells and dumbbells. Here are some of the best places in Houston for kettlebell workouts.

3D Fitness
4507 Kelvin Drive
Houston TX 77005
(713) 533-1500

Houston’s 3D Fitness is a great place for a personalized workout. The facility resembles a house, and the trainers are personable, approachable and strive to help clients achieve their physical workout goals. Kettlebells are integrated into several of the workout options, and guests may sign up for either personal or small group workouts. A great option for early risers, 3D Fitness offers workout programs that start as early as 6 a.m.

Clutch Crossfit
6343 Beverly Hill St.
Houston, TX 77057
(832) 798-2534

Clutch Crossfit is a multi-purpose workout center offering a wider range of conditioning options not often found in other workout facilities. At Clutch Crossfit, guests may utilize kettlebells and more, including barbells, climbing ropes, battle ropes, sleds, dip bars and bumper plates. Clutch Crossfit aims to help its guests achieve the optimal level of physical fitness, and its workout programs are often used by elite athletes, law enforcement personnel and firefighters.

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New Warrior Fit Camp
6910 Renwick St.
Houston TX 77081
(832) 413-1686

Bring out the physical fitness warrior inside of you at New Warrior Fit Camp, a facility known for its rigorous workouts that involve nearly every muscle of the human body. At New Warrior Fit Camp, guests are guided through a workout routine intended to turn each of them into a true warrior, ready to face the world with a renewed sense of vigor. Workouts include an excellent kettlebell training session along with other, less-traditional weights such as medicine balls, sandbags and even sledgehammers. Certainly not intended for the faint of heart, New Warrior Fit Camp is one of the more rigorous conditioning options available in the area. Kettlebell workouts are by invitation only, and interested guests must first fill out an information form at the web site and then wait for an official invitation to the workout.

Primal Fire Kettlebells
9303 Oratorio Court
Houston TX 77040
(713) 252-0712

Primal Fire Kettlebells challenges its guests to unleash their primal potential through the use of Russian kettelbells. Trainers at this fitness facility fully believe in the benefits that only a kettlebell workout can achieve, and they utilize kettlebells in most all of their workout routines. Primal Fire Kettlebells offers exclusive training by kettlebell-certified personnel who are ready to take your physical condition to a new level.The facility offers both private instruction and group training to satisfy individual needs.

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The Kettlebell Club 
629 Highway 3 South
League City, TX 77573
(832) 385-4721

The Kettlebell Club sits in the southern Houston suburb of League City. The management of the Kettlebell Club firmly believes kettlebells offer the best physical workout, and they strive to incorporate the benefits of using kettlebells into all fitness programs. This club is more than just a place to enjoy a rigorous workout. The Kettlebell Club also helps its members make changes to other facets of their lives for better overall health and living.

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