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When scheduling workouts at the local gym just doesn’t keep you motivated and focused, it might be time to consider a CrossFit studio. These facilities offer diverse physical fitness training with professionals invested in helping each individual meet his or her fitness goals. These are some of the best cross fit studios in the Houston area.

Crossfit West Houston
8716 Long Point Road #213
Houston, TX, 77055
(713) 467-1450

Price: $120 a month to $190 per month
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Crossfit West Houston offers programs for both adults and children and is even involved in corporate wellness efforts. Physical fitness and nutrition are both highlighted at Crossfit West Houston, with an emphasis on individual achievement and improvement. Trainers here work to get to know athletes and make sure each is assigned to the proper program. To accomplish this, Crossfit West Houston offers a free, one-hour introductory session. This provides customers with an opportunity to not just experience an amazing workout, but also to explore the facility and learn more about Crossfit West Houston and what it offers before committing.

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Bayou City Crossfit
3622 Golf Drive
Houston, TX  77018
(713) 230-8299

Price: $120 basic classes four people per session, four sessions with the same coach/$60 per hour one-on-one training/$30 intro class
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Boot camps, Olympic lifting, masters classes and other programs await members at Bayou City Crossfit. The workouts vary in intensity and are designed for individuals at most any age or athletic level. Bayou City Crossfit posts a workout of the day on its website complete with a listing of workout activities and images taken directly from each event. It also offers locations throughout the city, at American Legion Park, Memorial Park and Spotts Park. With so many locations from which to choose, Houston residents are just minutes away from a great workout at one of the best CrossFit facilities in the area.

Pinup Crossfit
2702 Chenevert St.
Houston, TX 77004
(281) 501-0226

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Pinup Crossfit stresses its commitment, dedication and determination to creating faster, stronger and healthier clients. Pinup Crossfit knows each individual has motivations that range from muscle-heavy athletic competitions to dropping unwanted pounds. Its experienced coaches stand ready to help customers achieve their goals and become the healthy person they know they can be. Customers are asked to attend a free two-hour introductory workout session, offered on most Saturday mornings, as an introduction to the studio before making a full commitment. Pinup Crossfit offers an assortment of programs, and payment options and it even offers a 15-percent discount to law-enforcement officers, military personnel and first responders.

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Clutch Crossfit
6345 Beverly Hill St.
Houston, TX 77057
(832) 798-2534

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Known for its vigorous workouts, Clutch Crossfit prides itself in pushing its members to complete a difficult workout and then try for something even more rigorous next time around. Trained coaches tailor each workout to an individual’s abilities, then gradually increase the intensity each time. The ultimate goal is to get each member in the best physical condition of their lives, and thousands of people are witness to the program’s effectiveness. Yes, the strength training and conditioning here are more rigorous than those offered by the competition, but if you want a disciplined, intense workout, Clutch Crossfit is one studio to consider.

Village Crossfit
2511 Bartlett
Houston, TX  77098
(281) 932-9332

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Village Crossfit conducts both boot camp–style workouts and CrossFit classes. The classes are limited in size so each individual may receive the personalized attention he or she needs. Village Crossfit serves primarily the Rice Village and surrounding areas and is one of the less expensive CrossFit options, making it perfect for those on a budget who still want to get in better shape. Its programs focus on functional, timed, varied movements at high intensities, and its fitness programs have received rave reviews for their effectiveness and low cost.

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