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There are several reasons for choosing a purebred pet. Many times the demeanor and size of a purebred is much easier to predict than it is for a mixed breed. If you are looking for another animal companion in the Houston area, check out some of the breeders below where you can find your next pet pal. Note that many breeders work out of their personal homes and do not give out their addresses except to serious buyers who want to pick up their pets in person.

Hunter’s Creek Retrievers
5380 W. 34th St., Suite 398
Houston, TX 77092
(281) 870-0507

If you want a retriever puppy that is bred to be a champion hunting dog or one for your family’s enjoyment, Hunter’s Creek Retrievers is your answer. This group breeds purebred Labrador Retrievers, which are well-known as a gentle, family type of dog that is also an intelligent hunting companion. The puppies bred by Hunter’s Creek Retrievers are all guaranteed to be free of hip or eye problems for the first two years, and you can return a puppy that has unrectifiable health problems as stated in a note from your vet within five days of getting the dog. This healthy puppy guarantee is a sign of a good, reputable breeder.

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Precious Paws of Houston
Houston, TX
(832) 489-7050

Yorkshire terriers are tiny dogs that are content to be lap dogs all day. They are very intelligent but require constant care and attention. Keep this in mind if you are considering one of the Yorkies from Precious Paws of Houston. The breeder at Precious Paws of Houston is not a large-scale breeder and only has puppies occasionally throughout the year, but this should not be seen as a detraction. It allows the individual breeder to focus clearly on breeding quality puppies and giving the new puppies all of the attention they need before they go to a new home. The puppies are all given shots and a vet checkup before leaving Precious Paws of Houston. As the buyer, you can be sure that you are getting a purebred because each puppy comes with the pedigree papers as well as proof of the shot record and vet check so you can be assured of the health of the Yorkies from Precious Paws of Houston.

Mystre Bengals
League City, Texas
(281) 538-9590

Dogs are not the only pets that are bred in the Houston area. Bengal cats are a domesticated breed, but they have a wild appearance thanks to their spotted coats. Mystre’s Bengals is a Cat Fancier’s Association member as well as one of only 13 worldwide winners of the Breeder of Distinction award for 2012 from The International Bengal Cat Society. Mystre’s Bengals is a breeder in the League City area, near Houston. For anyone who buys one of Mystre’s Bengals, the buyer is checked to ensure that the cat will go to a loving and healthy home. The cat will have its first round of vaccines and worming before it leaves with its new owners. All of the Bengal cats bred by Mystre’s Bengals are bred to ensure the cats have positive temperaments, healthy bodies, look goods and pure bloodlines.

Tiny Paws And Claws (Texas Pocket Pups)
Houston, Texas
(832) 892-2366

Good breeders back up the health of their puppies by requiring the buyer to get the puppy checked out by a vet within a few days of receiving the dog. Tiny Paws and Claws is a breeder that specializes in teacup Chihuahua puppies that will grow to no more than six pounds. Once you get your puppy, you are required to send proof that you took the dog to get a vet’s checkup within two business days of getting it. You also must sign a contract, which is one way that Tiny Paws and Claws shows that it cares for its Chihuahua puppies and who purchases them. This close care for the puppies ensures that the dogs are brought up in the most caring environment before being bought by their new families.

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Nadezha Siberians
Houston, Texas

There are many places to get cats, but few to get purebred Siberian cats. These cats are considered hypoallergenic because they do not produce the protein that causes allergic reactions some people have to cats. Nadezha Siberians is a small breeder from the Houston-metro area. All of the kitten from there have microchips to make it much easier to identify them if they become lost and are found by a stranger without a tag. The kittens are also spayed or neutered to protect the future health of the kitten. This cattery is registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).

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