High school students everywhere register to take the ACT and the SAT every year, but taking the test and preparing to take the test are two entirely different things. To be properly prepared entails much more than what most students are able to learn in the traditional classroom setting. Many students find that they require extra attention and classroom preparation outside of the normal school day. Fortunately, there are many sources in Houston that will assist in the preparation for the standardized testing required for college-bound students.

Victory Step Test Prep & Tutoring
1400 Bridge St., Suite 200
Houston, TX 77084
(281) 404-2386

Victory Step Test Prep & Tutoring offers three options for SAT and ACT preparation in the Houston area: interactive group courses, flexible private tutoring or online training. Victory Step is a fast-growing test prep company, not only in Houston, but in many areas of Texas. It believes that all students are different and therefore require flexible teaching methods in order to ensure success.

Advantage Testing
4600 Post Oak Place, Suite 111
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 520-6188

Advantage Testing of Houston uses a systematic approach to studying for the SAT and ACT tests. Each student is taught critical reasoning, vocabulary review, writing structure, prose style and methods for solving math problems that will be on the standardized tests. This tutoring program is specifically designed to address the particular needs of each student

Wonder Space Tutoring
2900 Weslayan Suite 545
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 529-2241

Two dedicated electrical engineering students created Wonder Space in 2002 as a way for students to create “A space for their minds to wonder” about the world around them. They believe that although sometimes it may take a little push, every student can succeed academically, and by instilling strong study habits in each student, they will be prepared for anything.

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Sylvan Learning Center
13135 Champions Drive, Suite 104
Houston, TX 77069
(281) 586-8069

Sylvan Learning Center strongly believes that one-on-one tutoring is the perfect way to ensure that each student is fully prepared for the ACT and SAT tests while making the most efficient use of the student’s time. It carefully evaluates each student’s strengths and weaknesses to identify how best to prepare lessons, while meeting the needs of each student.

Suprex Learning
104 Industrial Blvd, Suite Q
Sugarland, TX 77478
(832) 377-6822

The staff at Suprex Learning is dedicated to help your student achieve high scores on the SAT and other standardized tests. To help increase your child’s score, it offers key strategies such as organizational skills and time management skills. By keeping the classes small, Suprex Learning ensures that each student receives more individual attention.

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