2013 Spring Fashion Tips From A Houston Fashionista

January 22, 2013 7:00 AM

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Don’t get caught wearing the colors and styles that were popular last season and are now passe. This spring, be sure that you are up to date with the current season’s fashion trends. Because every city is different, it helps to get a local perspective. Check out what some Houston fashion experts have to say about being in style for the spring of 2013.¬†

Marlo Miller Boutique

1920 Fountain View Drive
Houston, Texas 77057
(713) 532-8771

Animal Prints

Animals are hot, and this spring will be no different. Incorporating animal prints into your wardrobe brings out your wild side. Many designers will be featuring animal prints in their spring clothing. For instance, at Marlo Miller’s boutique, the highly popular tummy-control leggings will be available for the first time in leopard prints and bright spring colors. This spring, she recommends a pair of these printed leggings in a capri cut to wear with a cute tunic or top.

Photo by Crystal HessongBright Colors
Miller predicts a return to blue, green and orange as the dominant colors for clothing this spring. She also suggests neon colors will start to make a comeback. She promises Double D Ranch will debut a neon pink velvet rodeo jacket this spring, perfect to wear to the Houston rodeo this March.


Distinctive textures will make an appearance in spring lines, predicts Marlo Miller. Velvet and embroidery will be trendy on tops and bottoms, especially velvet in unusual colors. Incorporate them as statement pieces for maximum effect.

About Marlo Miller
Marlo Miller has always had a passion for fashion. She began her career in the fashion business 16 years ago by attending every fashion show she could find in the area. Others questioned her about her boutique, which she did not have at the time, but those queries prompted her to open Marlo Miller Boutique almost four years ago. There she sells an eclectic mix of clothing from western wear to cocktail ensembles while offering her customers a personalized shopping experience.

Photo by Christelle de Castro

David Peck Collection

(713) 524-3514

Sheer Clothing
To match the warmer temperatures, light and airy transparent clothing will be in style again this spring. Designer David Peck is one of the many designers who will feature sheer clothing in his spring collection. Transparent clothes let you show off well-designed undergarments, and it can also be a way to play with textures by wearing sheer clothes in layers.

Photo by Christelle de CastroAsian Influences
Peck predicts a coming of Asian-inspired patterns and styles for this spring. Look for patterns that remind you of the exotic look of Asia. If you cannot find Asian prints, consider outfits that mix prints, which Peck notes as another big trend for the spring.

Incorporate Trends into Your Own Style

Above all else, to avoid becoming a slave to fashion, Peck recommends you create your own style. The trendy styles of the moment can be incorporated into your overall look. For instance, the bold, contrasting colors Peck predicts for this spring’s trends could be easily added to your current wardrobe through a bright top or accessories. Peck recommends everyone find clothing that fits them well, even if it requires alterations. Well-fitting clothes that last should be preferable because they can always make you look better than ill-fitting clothes, regardless of the style.

About David Peck
Educated in fashion design at Ecole Parsons a Paris, David Peck has been making a mark on the fashion world since. He contributed his creativity to fashion houses in Paris and been hired as a costume designer and style consultant for films. In 2008, he collaborated to found and design the high-end women’s collection Untitled 11:11, which has been favored by celebrities. Since 2010, David Peck has been in Houston, where he bases his David Peck Collection that features the CrOp line of clothing.

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