This Is How You Do A Wrestling Angle (w/ LOTS of VIDEO)Back in 1982, I was 13 years old, and there were three things that really mattered to me — my family, the Philadelphia 76ers, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Yes, I realize at age 13 that I was smack dab in the middle of puberty and "females" should have been on that list, but understand that, without the pornographic anarchy of the internet, we really had to work to find our nudity back in the day. It was frankly a lot easier to just dial in on sports than it was to befriend the one kid whose dad was pretty loose with the storage of his old issues of Playboy. And it was WAY easier than actually talking to girls. (You kids these days with your Tinder and your Snapchat just don't get it, man! Life was ROUGH in the 80's!)
PENDERGAST: My Texan's NFL Draft Report CardThree days of drafting, and one thing is clear -- you guys thirst draft analysis. Specifically, you thirst MY draft analysis. On Thursday and Friday of last week, my draft preview for the Texans was (justifiably) one of the most clicked articles on the SportsRadio 610 website....because of all of the draftniks out there, my analysis is clearly the most informed and the most balanced.
PENDERGAST: My Top 6 NFL Draft Targets For The Houston TexansTomorrow, it's here! The 2016 NFL Draft, where 32 teams begin the process of picking out their own Christmas gifts, of which they will end up long-term liking only about 25 percent of them, which makes for some really awkward conversations that general managers then have with themselves to tell them how crappy a job they did of shopping for their own gifts.
J.J. Watt Shows Off His Repaired Groin By Dunking A Basketball (VIDEO)J.J. Watt's groin appears to be fully repaired. He took to a gym (in a beanie) and decided to dunk a basketball, why, because he's J.J. Watt and can do anything he wants.
GambleCast: The Best NFL Bets Of The Weekend - Week 14Gambling is a game of inches, and this time of year, given the expenses we all have during the holiday season, it's a truly treacherous game of inches. Last week, I had another mediocre run, going 2-3. However, two of my college football picks were virtual robberies.
GAMBLECAST -- College and NFL Best Bets, Week of 12/5I realize I haven't put any picks up here the last two weeks, but based on my 3-9 ATS record on my Houston Press blog, you should be thankful that I didn't. Unless you think my picks are so bad that you just fade my picks every week, and if that's the case then "Screw you, meanie!!" All right, the good news is that it's a new month. December is winning time. Let's get some shopping money....
GAMBLECAST -- College and NFL Best Bets, Week of 11/7It's time to go make some money this weekend! With the Texans off, we can really focus in on our gambling habit. Let's go!
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