Florio: Says NRG Has The Worst Turf In The NFLMike Florio of <a href="http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/"><em>Profootballtalk.com</em></a> joins 'In The Loop' for football Friday.
We Are Speaking Up, But Are You Listening?
Should Roger Goodell Step Down?Dave Zirin of EdgeOnSports Joined The Triple Threat to talk about the Ray Rice scandal.
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Nick Wright's: Wright Or Wrong - Roger GoodellWe all have someone at our job who is just in way over their head. They do their best and they mean well, but they were promoted a job or two too high and the learning curve is just too steep. In sports we have a guy like that, too. His name is Roger Goodell.
Twitter Reacts To Ravens Releasing Ray RiceHere is how players, sports pros and regular folks reacted to Ray Rice's suspension on Twitter.
Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Groups React To Rice Release, Suspension
Keidel: Josh Gordon And NFL PolicyIt seems we've jumped into the pool of relativism since we got wind of Josh Gordon's season-long suspension for marijuana use. You have the indignant faction that can't believe someone who smokes weed gets a year while Ray Rice skates with a two-game suspension
Ray Rice, Roger Goodell - Who Is Public Enemy #1?
Keidel: Rice Regrets, The World ForgetsNo matter what Ray Rice said yesterday, it can't change what he did or the near-universal perception that aristocrats get more chances than we do. But Rice made one refreshing statement: His wife could do no wrong.
5 Places I'd Like To See The NFL DraftThe NFL just announced that the NFL Draft will not be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City next year. Here is my list of places that I'd like to see the NFL Draft.
The Five Worst Memorable Moments in the NFL
Keidel: Pro Football Meets Johnny FootballAll eyes and iPhones were on Johnny Manziel, who squirmed in his seat for 21 picks before landing in the wasteland we call Cleveland. He forced a smile and his signature salutation, rubbing his thumb and forefinger, a metaphor for counting his cash.
NFLPA President Open To Playoff ExpansionNFLPA President Eric Winston is in favor of playoff expansion.
Keidel: Ray Rice Another Crack In NFL ShieldEven by the pro athlete's subterranean standards, the Ray Rice video was shocking. He made no effort to heal or cradle or care for his unconscious fiancee.