Houston Executive Suggests Employees Refine Their Problem Solving Skills"In the long run, what is probably more important than the knowledge of a specific technology is the ability to find solutions to problems and build the team and strategy needed for success," says Bob Prochnow.
Therapist Helps Houstonians With Autism, Other Disabilities"The most important thing is to never stop learning. I know it sounds cliché, but take it from someone who has studied learning and behaviour for over 20 years, we truly never stop learning," said Candice Floyd.
Houston Pathologist Uses Education, Experience To Help ClientsDebra Kerner, a speech-language pathologist and former trustee for the Harris County Department of Education believes education can set you a part in your career, helping you get ahead in life.
Houston Teacher Strives To Help All Students Reach Potential"I believe we are wasting some of our nation’s most capable students because we are overly concerned with meeting the minimum standards required by the state of Texas and our nation." Lisa Kallies said.
Energy Sector In Houston Is Reliant On The Welding IndustryWelding is really an important aspect of business in Houston, because so much of the business in the area involves the processing of crude oil and its derivatives.
Houston Tech President Credits M.B.A. For Business Growth"My MBA does and continues to help my business grow by giving me a more advanced tool set to use." said Stephen Wright, president of Wright Business Technologies.
Houston Lawyer Meets Daily Challenges With Flexibility, Open Mind"My current law practice exposes me almost every day to people, professions, and cultures that are new to me," said Andy Drumheller.
Houston Professional Credits Educators, Mentors For Success"I believe the greatest influence on forging my career path lies with the professionals and educators who have mentored me along the way," said Frank Carle, director of clinical services and co-founder of Learning Continuum.