Outdoor Show: Sun Nov 25Open line fun Sunday gives you a chance to call in with your hunting and fishing stories, questions and concerns. The Captains cover the weekend weather and how it effects your catch, bait, hunting dogs, outboard motor issues and more.
Outdoor Show: Sun July 22Open line Fun Sunday! This morning Captain Mickey takes your calls about the CCA Tournament, boat care and has Susan and Mark Montgomery from the Reel Inn in studio to talk reel care. They are the BEST in the area at fixing and maintaining reels.
Outdoors Show: Sat April 14Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie talk with guides around the Guld Coast this morning about how the wind is going to effect fishing over the weekend and manners while fishing in an area crowded with other boats.
Outdoors Show: Sun April 1No foolin' it's Fun Sunday on the Outdoor Show! Captain Bennie talks to a few pros and takes your calls about most anything outdoor related.
Outdoors Show: Sat March 18Open line fun Sunday with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie always means fishing stories, helpful advice and nostalgia! If it's outdoor related they'll be talking about it on Sunday.
Outddors Show: Sun Jan 15The Captains took calls for this morning's open line fun Sunday to talk about repairing and upgrading reels, cooking the prefect steak and the connection between a hunter and his dog. Several of you called with some sweet dog stories.
Outdoors Show: Saturday, Apr. 9The wind is still affecting fishing around the Gulf Coast, but the Captains and their professional guides keep you in the know.

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