AJ Hinch On What He Likes And What Needs To Improve From AstrosNew Houston Astros Manager AJ Hinch joined Mad Radio and they talked about what appealed to him about the Astros, how the young players like Mark Appel are doing in winter ball, the importance of chemistry in the clubhouse, the strengths and weaknesses of the team and who will start in center field.
Alyson Footer Gives Clarity To The Astros Players UproarAlyson Footer, MLB.com, joined The Triple Threat to discuss the latest happenings with the Astros. She thought this uproar over Mark Appel throwing a bullpen was a bit over blown by the media. She said twitter got ahead of the story and helped to blow things out of proportion. Footer says the "jury is still out" when it comes to how the league views Bo Porter's managerial style with the Astros because it's too early to know. She said the general attitude towards the Astros on the national level is very skeptical about what they are doing, but are waiting to see what will happen. She said the Astros have kind of been on a bit of a downward spiral since the 2007 draft where they didn't draft a single useful player for the team.
Appel's Bullpen Session Angers Big League Players
Mark Appel Tosses Season High'sAppel was a different pitcher then in previous starts
The Latest On Astros 2013 1st Round Pick Mark Appel Hall of Famer Roger Clemens is going to head to Lancaster to check on Appel’s mental state
Jim Callis Talks Astros, Brady Aiken SituationJim Callis, MLB.com, joined MaD Radio to discuss the Brady Aiken situation. He said that he thinks that the Astros will still sign Aiken. Callis discussed what happens when a player fails their physical and how the team is at an advantage because they only have to pay forty percent of that players assigned value. He said that though Aiken can play right now, the Astros are more concerned about his future play. He also discussed Casey Close's comments on the situation and hit briefly on Mark Appel.
JJ Cooper Of Baseball America Talks Astros Mark AppelMaybe Appel just isn't as good as baseball thought he was.
Astros Pull Top Prospect From High A Astros send a top prospect back to spring training

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