Outdoor Show: Thurs Aug 6
Outdoor Show: Sat July 25Lots of tournaments around the area today. Pros give Captain Bennie their advice on winning those or just catching your limit on a bust weekend on the water.
Outdoor Show: Thurs July 2Lots of fish out there but they are not too hungry right now. The pros Captain Mickey talks to every day gives you some tips on how to find them and what to catch them on when you do!
Outdoor Show: Fri May 15The rain hasn't ruined the fishing. Captain Mickey gets the latest from the pros around the region that are catching fish today.
Outdoor Show: Sat May 9Stupid wind! It's making waves....literally big waves on the Bay. Get the latest weather info for the weekend and fishing reports from the pros the Captains trust. It's the Outdoor Show on Houston's Sports Leader...Sports Radio 610.
Outdoor Show: Sat April 25This morning we get the call regarding Warriors Weekend. <a href="http://www.warriorsweekend.org/" title="Warriors Weekend">Here</a> is the link to the event. Over 900 heroes coming in to South Texas. Also a lot of tournament talk and local fishing reports.
Outdoor Show: Thurs April 23The fresh water runoff has effected the clarity of the bay a lot. Captain Mickey is catching fish and so are the pros with the reports. See where and how here on the Outdoor Show.
Outdoor Show: Sat Apr 18Weather is the main topic this morning with Captain Mickey, Captain Bennie and the pros around the area they trust. Safety in the rain, lighting strikes and how to fish once the rain ends and the water changes from the runoff are also covered.
Outdoor Show: Sat April 11Great early morning conversation about lures and all the latest fishing reports with the pros Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie trust. Bad weather isn't here yet...so get out and enjoy the great outdoors.
Outdoor Show: Sat Jan 10Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie are joined in studio by Will Kirkpatrick. The long time Sam Rayburn pro guide brings his years of fresh water experience to the show.
Outdoor Show: Thurs Dec 25