Return The RingDates cannot be returned, and special moments cannot be reversed. Time spent cannot be undone. But the ring - the most symbolic item of a relationship - should be given back respectfully if the love it represented is lost.
Rough Equivalent Of Being In The Friend ZoneThis could make you laugh, but are you there?
Apparently, Mr. Perfect Likes Dogs And BasketballYes, that is correct. Liking dogs and basketball are some pretty valuable traits I need in a man, according to some shmuck dating web site.
Name Best Post-Breakup SongsHelp me come up with a good list.
Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice ColumnsIf this is real, it's an excellent example of how men and women think differently.
How To ApologizeWhile the words cannot be unsaid and the resulting emotions cannot be unfelt, a sincere, effective apology should be delivered regardless of the expected outcome.
Don't Be Afraid To LoveIf you're going to love, you're going to get hurt. If you take the risk to love somebody, you are taking the risk of getting hurt.
Wife's Diary Vs. Husband's DiaryWomen over-analyze everything to death, and it seems men are incapable of forming complex thoughts.
Submit Your Relationship Questions Or TopicsHave a question on your mind or a burden weighing on your heart?
DOs And DON'Ts After The BreakupPsychotherapist MaryJo Rapini, an expert on sex, relationships and intimacy, says that men typically handle breakups worse than women.
eHarmony Video Bio Gone BadThis chick really loves cats. That, or this is a fake, scripted video.
What's The Point Of Dating Anyway?So many times I hear that the woman is interested, but the man doesn't want a relationship. I don't get it.
Relationship Dilemma: Six-Month AnniversaryBen is facing a dilemma with his girlfriend. They've been dating for six months and doesn't know how to celebrate their "anniversary". Flowers, candy or a present? He needs your help!
Don't Turn Her Into The Invisible WomanDon't turn her into the invisible woman. Women are meant to yap, so don't take their voices away.
Is Josh In A Relationship?J&R contact Josh's special lady to see if the sweet couple is ready for a label.