Ashby Is Happy To Be Back In HoustonAstros color man Alan Ashby joined J&R on Wednesday. Ashby is one of the classiest broadcasters in the game. He joins us to talk about the Astros and history with the team.
JJ Watt Loved Him Some TGIFHouston Texans JJ Watt joined J&R. JJ talks about the Arian Foster injury. He also talks about his charity work, as well as his new shoe.
Mmm Snowcones...Oh, Wait!What would Marvin Zindler have to say about this?
Lunhow: 'We're Building Team The Right Way'Astros GM Jeff Lunhow joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>Jeff came on to talk about the organizations plan to build a contender.
Dierker Not sure What His Title MeansAstros legend Larry Dierker joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Larry was hired by the Astros to be the special assistant to team President Reid Ryan.
Gerry V: 'Memphis Is A Rugged Team'NBA analyst for 21 years and friend of the show Gerry V joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Gerry Vaillancourt joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs.
Friend Of The Show Kevin Harlan Stops By On J&RThe best Play by Play man in the business, Kevin Harlan, joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Kevin drops by to talk the NBA playoffs.
Gordy Rush, LSU Sideline Reporter, weighs in on Texan picks.
Ferguson: 'Hopkins Attacks The Ball In The Air'Former Texan Nick Ferguson joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>.</a> Nick is currently a color analyst for the ACC. Nick has covered the Texans first round pick Deandre Hopkins and calls in to give some insight.
Dan Reeves Gives Insight Into An NFL War RoomLegendary NFL Coach Dan Reeves joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>Coach Reeves joins the show to give insight into an NFL war room hours before the draft.
Helin: 'Howard Will Stay With Lakers'Kurt Helin of joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>We talk to Kurt about the NBA playoffs. He thinks Howard will stay in L.A., but if he doesn't then Houston has a good shot at him.
Devaney: 'The Jets Didn't Have Any Leverage In Revis Trade'Former Rams GM, and friend of the show, Billy Devaney joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>We talk about what it's like for a GM leading up to the NFL Draft. Billy is never one to shy away from giving his opinion.
Winston: 'The Texans Aren't In The Mix'Friend of the show Eric Winston joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>We talk about the teams that are interested in his services, and where the market stands.
Baxter: 'Schaub Wasn't Throwing He Was Aiming And Pushing'Football Guru Russell Baxter joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. We talk about the Texans and what they're looking for in the draft.
Brando: 'Trey Burke Is College Basketball's Chris Paul'Tim Brando of CBS joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. We talked about the NCAA Tournament until Rich brought up The Wheel of Fortune.