The Best of The Triple Threat 05-05-2017The Best of The Triple Threat, from Friday 05-05-2017
3T - With J.J. Watt 05-05-17Sean and Ted talk with Houston Texans star pass-rusher J.J. Watt about having two brothers in the NFL, embarrassing songs on his pre-game playlist, what he learned while forced away from the game because of injury, his relationship with a Houston Dash player, his charity softball game at Minute Maid Park, and more.
[Pics] Meet J.J. Watt's Girlfriend: Kealia OhaiDon't worry, we're here to educate you on someone Houston is very familiar with, Kealia Ohai!
Internet Discovers J.J. Watt & Kealia Ohai Power CoupleWhen the cameras went to J.J. and Kealia during the game, people who didn't know about the couple sounded off, many of them not knowing Ohai is a world class soccer player.
J.J. Watt Congratulates Tony Romo By Embarrassing HimselfOn Tuesday it was announced that Tony Romo was going to retire from the NFL and join CBS in the broadcast booth. Romo did say that if he would have played the Houston Texans were his number one choice of teams to go to. On Tuesday night Texans star J.J. Watt took to twitter to congratulate Romo on a great career by sharing a video of Romo getting the better of Watt during the 2014 season.
[WATCH] J.J. Watt Gets Into Snowball Fight With Neighborhood KidsWatt took time out of the fight to break down what was happening, and how fast and strong-armed these kids were and it was pretty hilarious. J.J. even got the kids' dad in on the act and turned one of the kids against his fellow fighters.
[PHOTOS] J.J. Watt Gets Birthday Cake Shaped Like His ShoeWednesday was J.J. Watt's 28th birthday. We're not sure exactly what Watt did to celebrate the anniversary of his birth, but we do know his apparel partner Reebok made him a very special cake.
JJ Watt Delivers Strong Off Field OpinionWhile the nature and origin of the tweet will likely never be known, we can surmise that something seen or experienced by Watt recently motivated the message. It brings to light an interesting question; is a singular sports focus, one which may/not become an obsession, unhealthy for our children? Or is balance, a sampling from entrees across life's categorical spectrum, truly the key to a happy existence?
3T - Full Hour with Eric Winston 02-22-17Sean, Rich & Ted talk with former Texans OT, NFLPA President, & Cincinnati Bengals OT Eric Winston about where his career is now, Kyle Shanahan, J.J Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and more.
The Best of The Triple Threat 02-16-2017The Best of The Triple Threat, from Thursday 02-16-2017
Watt: "Last Year Was A Difficult Year"J.J. Watt has a new perspective on life and football after tough recovery.
J.J. Watt Debuts "City Edition" Shoe For HoustonSo far Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt's into the world of shoes have been a success. The first run of Watt's Reebok shoes sold out shortly after debuting last summer. Since its debut, Watt and Reebok have added the black JJ I Insomnia Edition which Watt was wearing on the sideline during the Texans runs towards the playoffs.
Texans Season In Review: Houston Ends Great Season On Defense, But Still In Need Of A QBThe Houston Texans improved upon 2015 by winning a playoff game but lackluster quarterback play doomed them from moving deeper into the playoffs. Here is a look at the Houston Texans 2016 season in review.
REPORT: J.J. Watt Did Not Travel With Houston Texans To New EnglandIf you had a drinking game or a bet about the number of times J.J. Watt would appear on the CBS broadcast of the Houston Texans and New England Patriots playoff game, you can cancel those plans. The injured Texans star did not travel to the game with the team according to CBS Sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson.
Brady: Texans Defense Will Be ToughTom Brady and the Patriots expect a challenge against the Texans Defense.