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Players Will Have No Control On What Is Shown On Hard KnocksMatt Dissinger of NFL Films and director of Hard Knocks joined Mad Radio and they talked about the Houston Texans appearing on Hard Knocks, working with Bill O'Brien, how they will work with the players, how much power do NFL Films have and how hard it was working with James Harrison in a prior season.
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Hard Knocks With Texans And FalconsThe show opens In Atlanta with some graphic scenes of Marquise Spruill having ACL surgery. If you had never seen an ACL surgery, you were likely surprised by how much of it looks like a combination of space age wizardry combined with Amish carpentry. There is a lot more banging of mallets and turning of screwdrivers than you’d think there should be. The theme of this show will be “setbacks”, with a fitting conclusion in Houston as the Falcons are drubbed in Preseason game #2.