Former Texan Daniels Lands With Broncos
Brooks Reed Leaving Texans For Falcons
Texans Re-Sign Mallett, Tarpinian
Four Big Questions Before NFL Free Agency Period BeginsWith the official free agency period beginning this afternoon, here are the most important questions we hope to have answered.
Texans Family Atmosphere Kept Jackson Loyal
Newton's Path Unlikely, But Rewarding
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Mike Clay: Mallett Most Intriguing Free Agent QBPro Football Focus director Mike Clay joins Matt Hammond and Sean Pendergast on the Triple Threat to talk about the most interesting prospects in NFL Free Agency this off-season. They also get into Kareem Jackson's potential re-signing, and discuss the Texans upgrading at the running back position.
Brady Quinn: Texans Must Value Ryan MallettFormer NFL QB and Fox Sports analyst Brady Quinn joins Matt Hammond and Cody Stoots (sitting in for the Triple Threat) to talk about what's important at the NFL Combine. He also recalls his odd NFL Combine experience, and they get into what exactly the Texans should do with Ryan Mallett and Andre Johnson.
Heyman: Astros Checking Out Correia
Luhnow: Settling CSN Houston Bankruptcy Case Has Helped Astros Spend This Winter
Texans Interested in Former Jets, Dolphins Cornerback
Fran Blinebury Says Rockets Will Have To Try Again Next YearFran Blinebury,, joined MaD Radio to discuss the most recent developments in the NBA. He said that the Rockets are not going to be contenders this year with their current lineup and will just have to try again next year. He said it's hard to say whether or not the Rockets should have re-signed Parsons but he thinks they probably should have gone for it. Blinebury spoke about the journey the Rockets have been on so far with getting James Harden and Dwight Howard, but this situation with losing out in free agency has been a bit of a setback for the team.
Brian Geltzeiler Talks LeBron To ClevelandBrian Geltzeiler,, joined The Triple Threat to discuss all the NBA free agency moves. He mainly talked about what a big get LeBron James is for the Cavs in Cleveland. He also discussed the possibility of Chris Bosh coming to Houston and thinks he would make a huge difference here. Geltzeiler thinks Bosh will very likely come to Houston due to recent developments.
14 Hilarious Reactions To LeBron James Going Back To Cleveland On TwitterWhile people in Cleveland are celebrating "LeBron James Day" today and Miami Heat fans burning #6 jerseys, let's look at the 9 most hilarious reactions to LeBron James' decision to return home to Cleveland.