Autograph Broker Shows Video Of Manziel's Autograph Paid Signing The saga continues for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel as more unfolds of his alleged paid signing and college football autograph brokers.
Meltsdown: Johnny Football's Family
Darren Woodson: 'Ed Reed The Best Sideline To Sideline Safety'Darren Woodson joined MaD Radio to discuss the impact of Ed Reed and how the younger safties, especially DJ Swearinger, can learn from him, as well as what he thinks of Matt Schaub.
Cushing On Watt, Wade And His Return Brian Cushing is ready for the 2013 season, playing along side newly added nine-time Pro Bowler Ed Reed and under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips for a third season.
Behind The Scenes At ESPNSteve Bunin of CSN Houston joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they discussed his time at ESPN, Aaron Hernandez and the NBA Finals
Houston Rockets Fined For Free Agency TamperingReports indicate that the Houston Rockets have been fined for violations of league tampering rules due to a series of stories that were crafted and produced by the organization's website which analyzed the play of free agents.
Astros Outfielder Among Those Linked To PED ScandalFernando Martinez, Astros outfielder, has been implicated in the PED scandal surrounding a Miami-area clinic and could be handed a hefty suspension in the coming weeks.
What's All The Stink About Schaub's New Ad? Quarterback Matt Schaub's latest advertisement appeared in ESPN The Magazine several weeks ago.
Ed Reed To Miss OTAs Ed Reed, who signed a three-year, $15 million contract with the Texans in March, will miss the OTAs (organized team activities) with the team which are scheduled to begin May 20th.
Looking At Concussions In The NFL, Possible Rule ChangesESPN analyst Andrew Brandt joins the Odd Couple to discuss things around the NFL including concussions, possible changes in NFL rules, what needs to be done to make the game safer, and more.
Behind The Scenes Of ESPN
TTYM: How Athletes Blow Their $ And Is Torri Hunter Bitter?
ESPN Shows Bias In Favor Of Notre DameNotice anything off? How about the random exclamation point?
AP Pro32 Comments About TexansSee what Chris Berman and others say about the Texans.
TTYM: Stephen A. Smith Said <i>What??</i> And People Like Mike Vick