Houston Education Professional Reaches Her Students Through WritingWorking in education to help students become better readers and improve their self-esteem can be very rewarding
Houston Law Professional Likes The Variety Of Her CareerWhen running a business, it is imperative that you operate efficiently and effectively but stay within the confines of the laws of your area and make sure you treat your customers and clients right.
Houston Physician Assistant Enjoys Patient EducationPhysician assistants are able to perform more complex procedures and do some things - like prescribe medications - that many nurses cannot, but without the many years required in medical school.
Recruiters Help Houstonians Find Good JobsRecruiters have flexible job options. They can work for themselves as a freelancer, as an employee of a particular company or division, or for a staffing agency.
Houston PR Entrepreneur Helps Businesses Engage With ConsumersPublic relations is an industry that contains many different areas of expertise and creativity, though many people think it is only product announcements.
Houston Entrepreneur Starts Business In Language TranslationWhat started as an assignment for an entrepreneurship course in 1993 led me on a journey whereby, over 22 years later, I had actually created the company I had envisioned and written about for school.
Houston Entrepreneur Works To Serve Online ConsumersAs the internet and online shopping has become more and more a part of our lives, online subscription services for everything from razors to fresh foods to shoes to wardrobe advice have popped up.
Houston Professional Helps Others Cruise The WorldOften a very interesting and fulfilling career does not have a degree directly related to the work widely available.
Houston Business Owner Helps Homeowners Inspect Their HomesBecoming a new homeowner can involve a number of steps that new home buyers don't always think of.
Security Guards Have A Variety Of Positions To Choose From In HoustonSecurity guards have a wide range of responsibilities, like patrol building, patrol parking lots, manage gate access to fabrication plants and exclusive apartments complexes, as well as security at construction sites to protect infrastructure and building supplies.
Houston Educator Depends On Technology In The ClassroomTeachers are not only meant to help students learn but to prepare them for the world after school. Working with students on life skills and preparations for their careers can be more fulfilling than other aspects of education.
Houston Executive Suggests Employees Refine Their Problem Solving Skills"In the long run, what is probably more important than the knowledge of a specific technology is the ability to find solutions to problems and build the team and strategy needed for success," says Bob Prochnow.
Houston Lawyer Says Students Must Keep Their Focus On Learning"Law school should be approached by law students as a period of time when they must keep their focus on learning about the things that will help them thrive in their chosen area of practice," said Chris Downey.
Houston Health Professional Helps Mothers Stay HealthyWorking with trained professionals towards a wellness program and goals can be a great way for people to live a more fulfilling life, and helping people live these lives can also be a fulfilling career.
Houston Dialysis Nurses Are Finding A Positive OutlookA dialysis nurse has specialized training and taken extra courses that include instruction on how to use the dialysis machines and everything that could be affected when undergoing dialysis treatments.