Is Andre Not Enough Of A Leader?Is Andre letting his team down by not being a more vocal leader? Steve Bunin joined MaD Radio to talk about the lack of leadership on this team and the debacle of a season that has been 2013. He also gives us an amazing over view of the upcoming show "My Life" with John Lucas.
Everyone Will Be Able To See Rockets Games On Comcast; Maybe Comcast Sports Net Houston (CSN) has decided to allow the many fans of the Houston Rockets who missed the opening night a chance to watch the team usher in a new era with Dwight Howard. The channel is not available on many of the cable providers in the Houston area and only an estimated 40% of Houston can watch the Rockets in their home.
You Might Not Be Seeing The Rockets Anytime SoonJohn Ourand, from Sports Business Journal, joins MaD Radio and tries to explain this epic CSNH debacle and why you might not be able to watch your Rockets any time soon.
CSN Needs Astros And Texans To Do Better For TV DealDerek Baine joins MaD Radio from SNL Kagen to discuss what the hold up is with CSN and what needs to happen for fans of the Rockets and Astros to see their teams.
Dwight Howard Joining Rockets Won't Necessarily Speed Up CSN DealHouston Chronicle writer David Barron joined The Fred & Ted Show to discuss how signing Dwight Howard will impact the CSN television deal, breaking down a bit more of what the hold up is with the deal, how the Rockets are feeling about the deal not being done yet, and more.
Matt Hutchings Talks Positive Movement Within Subscription TV President of CSN Houston Matt Hutchings joins to "Nate & Creight" show to talk positive movement with carrier providers.
The Latest On Aaron HernandezSteve Bunin joins MaD Radio to catch up on all of the days biggest stories.
CSN's Matt Hutchings Answers All Your Questions

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