News Media Sue Over Reporters Being Prevented From Viewing Portions Of Botched Okla. ExecutionOklahoma prison officials violated the First Amendment when they prevented reporters from viewing portions of the botched execution of a death row inmate earlier this year, two news organizations claim in a federal lawsuit filed Monday.
Oklahoma Lawmaker Seeks Other Execution Options A Republican lawmaker reacting to an Oklahoma inmate's botched lethal injection said Tuesday he wants to explore giving condemned prisoners the option of death by firing squad, hanging or the electric chair.
Inmate Cites Oklahoma Ordeal To Stop His ExecutionAttorneys for a condemned killer facing execution this week in Texas are insisting his punishment should be stopped because he risks the same ordeal experienced recently by an Oklahoma inmate whose lethal injection was disrupted.
Oklahoma Court Approves Six-Month Stay Of ExecutionCharles Warner was scheduled to die just hours after the botched execution of Clayton Lockett by Oklahoma prison officials last week.
Lawsuit: Controversy Should Delay Texas Execution Attorneys for a Texas death row inmate set to die next week have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking to delay the punishment because of a bungled execution a week ago in Oklahoma.
Lawmakers Still Back Death Penalty Despite Botched Oklahoma ExecutionA bungled execution in Oklahoma in which the condemned prisoner writhed and moaned as he received a lethal injection outraged death-penalty opponents, invited court challenges and attracted worldwide attention.
Report: Oklahoma Execution Officials Took 51 Minutes To Find VeinClayton Lockett died of an apparent heart attack 10 minutes after officials stopped the scheduled execution.
Oklahoma Inmate Dies After Botched ExecutionOfficials stopped the lethal injection execution of Clayton Lockett after a new drug was administered. Doctors say Lockett died of a heart attack.

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