Border Patrol: Agent Bitten 'Numerous Times' By Mexican Man Who Was Previously DeportedA Border Patrol agent was reportedly bit “numerous times” by a Mexican man at a checkpoint.
Report: Border Deaths Drop To 15-Year LowBorder Patrol says more immigrants turned themselves in to authorities in Texas and fewer took their chances with the dangerous trek across the Arizona desert.
Border Patrol Agent Indicted In Laredo A Laredo-based Border Patrol agent has been charged with harboring and concealing illegal immigrants.
Officials: 54-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Hanged Himself At Border Patrol StationBorder Patrol officials say a 54-year-old Mexican man apparently hanged himself at a Border Patrol station in South Texas.
Border City Mayor: 'We Sacrifice Privacy An Awful Lot Down Here For The Security That This Nation Needs'Not long ago, the U.S. Border Patrol was the only law enforcement agency monitoring the mesquite thickets and sugarcane fields along the Rio Grande, and an agent's challenge was to distinguish between an exhausted immigrant and a threat.
Border Patrol Agent Fires At Armed Militia MemberAgents were chasing a group of immigrants when one saw the armed militia member and opened fire but did not hit the man.
Texas Relaxes Standards For Immigration Shelters, How Much Space Each Child NeedsOverwhelmed by the arrival of thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children, the state of Texas relaxed its standards for the shelters that house them, easing rules governing how much space each child needs and what kind of facilities they should have.
Woman Sues Border Patrol Agent Accused Of Assault A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a Border Patrol agent guarding her at a South Texas hospital has filed a federal lawsuit against him, alleging he violated her constitutional rights.

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