Outdoor Show: Sat Aug 24The Outdoor Show brings together all many of the pros in the area to give you the latest fishing reports. The Captains also talk some about the flow pipes that are floating in the gulf and could be hazardous to your boating adventure, preparing for the Captain's test, bird hunting and making a good blind.
Outdoor Show: Sun Aug 18Open Line Fun Sunday is your day to call and ask the Captains anything outdoor related. Find out where the best place to catch your limit is this weekend, how the change in the weather effects the Gulf fish patterns and about baits, lures and the fishing gear your need to make the most out of your outdoor adventure.
Outdoor Show: Sat Aug 17The Captains have fishing reports, weather information, shark sightings, boating courtesy plus everything else you'll need to know to make your weekend outdoor adventure successful. It's the longest running outdoor show in the country with Captain Mickey and Captain Benny on Sports Radio 610.
Outdoor Show: Sat Aug 10Sharks! You know Captain Mickey loves to talk about sharks. He throws in a few shark stories with the pro guides fishing reports this morning. Captain Bennie and Captain Mickey give you the latest weather and tips for your weekend outdoor adventure.
Outdoor Show: Sat July 27A little rain this morning and some annoying southwest winds could make for some trouble on the water today. let the Captains and their pro guide buddies steer you to the fish and the best way to catch them this weekend. All the info here on the country's longest running outdoor show on Sports Radio 610.
Outdoor Show: Sun May 26Open Line Fun Sunday is when the Captains opens up the phone lines to answer your questions about everything outdoors. Topics include the CCA Tournament which begins this weekend, lots of people boating and camping and fishing and some shared fishing & boat ramp stories.
Outdoor Show: Sat May 25Memorial Day Weekend is a huge weekend for folks to hit the water for boating, fishing and family fun. It's also the opening weekend of the CCA Star Tournament. The Captains talk boat safety and share the latest information on where the fish are biting and how to catch them!
Outdoor Show: Sun May 19Open Line Fun Sunday!!! The Captains take your calls and answer your questions about fishing line, lures, boats and most anything outdoor related. Also updates on the redfish kill, all the tournaments around the Gulf and Warrior Weekend.
Outdoor Show: Sat April 27The weather will be effecting your outdoor fun this weekend. The Captains and their pros around the region will give you the latest information to help you get the most out of your outing.
Outdoor Show: Sun April 14You love the outdoors and need a little expert advice to know where are the fish biting, what bait to or which reel to purchase. Maybe you're heading to a new fishing spot and need some expert advice. The Captains have the answers.
Outdoor Show: Sat March 30Get ready for your Easter weekend outing with the pros in the area. Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie speak with fresh water and salt water guides to get you the latest weather and pattern information. Don't go to the water without everything you need to know to make your fishing trip a catching trip!