Baylor Code Of Conduct Led To Sexual Assult Victim's SilenceThe sexual assault scandal that took down Baylor University's president and revered football coach also found a problem with a bedrock of the school's faith-based education: a student conduct code banning alcohol, drugs and premarital sex that may have driven some victims into silence.
Art Briles Rips Baylor And Makes Wrongful Termination ClaimFired Baylor coach Art Briles is ripping his former employer, accusing the school of wrongful termination and indicating he has no interest in settling a federal lawsuit filed against him and the university by a woman who was raped by a football player.
REPORT: Baylor To Vote To Suspend Instead Of Fire Art BrilesA report from's Chip Brown on Monday says that the board of regents at the Baylor University might hold a vote late Monday to decide if they want to bring back embattled head coach Art Briles after the 2016 season instead of firing him entirely.
Baylor's Taurean Prince Explains Rebounding To ReporterNo. 12 Yale upset No. 5 Baylor in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Thursday. It was Yales first tournament win ever. Baylor was out-rebounded by the Ivy Leaguers and one reporter seemed dumbfounded on how that could happen.
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