Autism Speaks 6-5-16Sarah E! from MIX 96-5 and SportsRadio 610 sits down with Jennifer and Rebecca Whitehead from Autism Speaks to discuss the Autism Speaks Walk Houston coming up on September 18. They also talk about getting a proper diagnosis for autism and get into some different types of therapy designed to assist those with autism. Visit for more information or to volunteer.
Clowntastic Painting Class 7-5-15Carmen Contreras from the New HOT 95-7 talks with Jumper Maybach and Daniel Zamora about the exciting Clowntastic Painting Class coming up on Saturday July 11th. The class is prepared only for Autistic children ages 6-12 years old. The class is open to the public from 3-5pm at 3315 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX 77098. For more info, visit today.
Houston Professional Credits Educators, Mentors For Success"I believe the greatest influence on forging my career path lies with the professionals and educators who have mentored me along the way," said Frank Carle, director of clinical services and co-founder of Learning Continuum.
Project Autism 5-17-15Heather Kirbo of Project Autism joins Nick Russo from 100.3 The Bull on Eye On Houston to discuss the benefits that Project Autism provides to the community of Houston and beyond. The organization is fairly new yet has already helped many families around area with Autism friendly, quarterly events. Project Autism is also go-to organization for the litany of questions that a family with Autism might have and also provides information to families with Autism of places that work well with special needs children. Heather also provided Eye on Houston with important facts about the growing rates of Autism and gave insight into how much of an affect Autism can have on a family.
Measles Outbreak: To Vaccinate Or Not VaccinateWith the potential to affect thousands, the recent outbreak of measles in the U.S. has placed a spotlight on a debate that’s raged for years.
Study Shows Treatment In Infants Reduces Symptoms Of AutismThere is new hope in the fight against autism and it starts before a child is even diagnosed.
Researchers Find Pesticides May Increase Chances Of Having Autistic ChildA recent autism study found that pregnant women who lived near farms where pesticides were used had a two-thirds higher risk of having children with autism.
Smokin' Joe's Driving Range: Aug 24Mary Kay Willson joins Smokin Joe and Mulligan Matt on the Driving Range this morning. She is the Tournament Director for the Els for Autism Golf Challenge, the world's largest charity golf series, raising over $5 million in three years to benefit the development of the Els Center for Excellence. The tournament is at Redstone Tournament Course Friday Sept 6.
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Smokin' Joe's Driving Range: Sat Sept 8Golf is always the main topic on the Driving Range. But there's football and baseball and prizes and even relationship advice for the athlete in you this morning.
Robinson Peete Shares NFL War Stories Holly Robinson Peete describes what it's like to be an NFL Player's wife