Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Joins "Gallant At Night" After Paul Calls Him A Boob“I inherited that when I became county judge in 2007. For whatever reason the decision was made that it was still going to stand they were going to convert it into a hotel. They’d given us exclusive contract with some people to do that but those people did not have the money and they eventually said ‘never mind,’ so they gave it back to the county.”
Harris County Approves To Turn Astrodome Into Parking Garage Initial funding has been approved for a $105 million redevelopment of the Houston Astrodome that would include raising the two bottom floors to accommodate about 1,400 parking spaces.
Bold New Idea For The Use Of The AstrodomeThe Astrodome is sitting next to NRG Area. Just sitting there. Nothing is being done with it. Nothing is being used around it or in it.  But what to do we do with it? A couple architects have a bold idea to keep the framework of the "8th Wonder of the World" and turn it into a great place for people to hang out and be entertained.
Hammond: How Trading Howard Affects HardenHoward. Harden. Emmett. Astrodome. Cam. Instagram.
Judge Emmett: Astrodome "Is Going To Be There" For Super Bowl LIThe Houston Super Bowl Committee unveiled their countdown clock on Thursday to officially start the kickoff towards Super Bowl LI in Houston at NRG Stadium. Before the curtain was dropped Harris County Judge Ed Emmett took the stage to say a few words. Judge Emmett is a staunch supporter of keeping the Astrodome intact and standing. Currently, it is vacant and has been for years.
Astrodome Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Emmett: 'Let's Turn The Dome Into A Large Park'Harris County Judge Ed Emmett joins In The Loop to talk about the Domed Park idea.
Harris Judge Says Saving Astrodome Won't Cost Houston 2017 Super Bowl
Best 7 Events In Astrodome HistoryThe Houston Astrodome is the eighth wonder of the world! No longer in use and possibly to be torn down the iconic stadium sits empty next to the Houston Texans NRG Stadium. But June 9th marks the anniversary of the first indoor MLB All-Star game being played at the Astrodome in 1968.
Preservation Groups Still Hope To Save Astrodome From Wrecking BallA pending application to designate the famed Houston Astrodome as a "state antiquities landmark" could revitalize efforts to revamp the stadium and save it from potential demolition.
Could Questions About James Harden's Maturity Become A Problem For The Rockets?Bomani Jones joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they talked about James Harden's maturity problems, Dwight Howard becoming the big man with the Rockets ahead of Harden as well as his thoughts on Incognito, the Astrodome and Steve Patterson.