'Duck Dynasty' Fans React To Robertson's HiatusMore than a half-million people liked an impromptu Facebook page demanding the show be boycotted until Phil Roberston returns.
Over 1 Million Support Boycotting A&E Following 'Duck Dynasty' Star's SuspensionHundreds of thousands of people support boycotting A&E following the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson.
'Duck Dynasty' Marathons Still On A&E's Schedule Leading Up to Christmas"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has been suspended indefinitely from filming the A&E reality series following his remarks about gay people where he called homosexuality illogical in a recent interview with GQ magazine.
'Duck Dynasty' Star Suspended Over Remarks About Gay PeopleOne “Duck Dynasty” star called homosexuality illogical.
Forbes: 'Duck Dynasty' Merchandise Rakes In $400M In Sales For Retailers“Duck Dynasty” merchandise is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars for retailers.
'Duck Dynasty' Star: Show Adding 'Fake Bleeps' Despite No CursingPopular A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty” continues to smash competition in the ratings on Wednesday nights, but there could be some tension behind the scenes as to how the show is portrayed.
'Duck Dynasty' Stars Swap Jokes, Greet Fans Phil Robertson, one of the shaggy-bearded stars of the hit reality TV series "Duck Dynasty," used to get mistaken for a homeless man. He said he was even singled out once at an airport for a security search and wands went "places my woman hasn't been in years."
Former La. Governor Convicted Of Corruption Gets TV Show Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards will star on a new cable TV show alongside the woman he married after his release from federal prison on a corruption conviction.