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The Best Of Mad Radio 2-16

Today on Mad Radio: Comfort in Gaine, Draft Profiles leading up to the 610 Draft, the 610 Draft and splitting of the show, Five burning Astros Questions, What’s On Tap, Seth apologizes top everyone he has ever offended, the Rockets have changed Mike’s mind and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-15

Today on Mad Radio: Duane Brown sounds off on the Texans as an organization, Justin Verlander sounds off on media types doubting the Astros, the Rockets take over first place, Worst Take of the Week Nominees and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-14

Today on Mad Radio: Valentine’s Day surprises for Mike, Landry Locker’s top-five Houston athletes who go all out on Valentine’s Day, John McClain’s weekly visit, Ask Him Anything, the Rockets go off behind Ryno and more.


The Best of Mad Radio 2-13-18

Seth and Landry (No Mike) open the show up talking about Mike being out sick with the flu, Seth’s dinner at Grazia, MJ flu game, and more.   Seth and Landry talk Astros roster and some of the biggest concerns for the team to repeat as World Series Champs.   Seth and Landry name players […]


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-12

Today on Mad Radio: The Rockets and Astros carrying the city during the football offseason, Clowney’s alleged historic contract, Frank Reich becomes even more of a Houston rival, happiness and greatness, athlete power, the pursuit of LeBron and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-9

Today on Mad Radio: Houston as a sports town, Seth meets Brian Gaine, NBA and NFL chaotic Thursday, Worst Take of the Week, Landry Likes, an endorsement for O’Brien and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-8

Today on Mad Radio: Marc Vandermeer’s weekly visit, Astros new slogan, Cushing’s bad friend, Screw Em, Herm Edwards is a TrainWreck, Paul Gallant shows off his talent, the best No. 34 in Houston sports history, WT nominees, Belichick’s promise and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-7

Today on Mad Radio: Chaos within the AFC South in Indy, Brian Cushing allegedly dislikes Bill O’Brien, John McClain’s weekly visit, ask him anything, the five worst Houston sports opinions of 2017 according to Landry Locker, Rockets interesting final stretch and much more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-6

Today on Mad Radio: Gambling Billy O’Brien, raging strategies, the five most exciting non-Texans things that will happen before the 2018 season, Astros making moves, Rockets rolling, TrainWreck Tuesday and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-5

Today on Mad Radio: Reaction to Super Bowl 52, Malcolm Butler as a Texans target, uncertainty in New England, Mike’s glory, chaos in the Philly streets and Landry Locker’s five biggest lessons the Texans can learn from the Patriots.


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