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Mad Radio Discusses The Perception Of The Houston Texans And Bob McNair Around The Country

Mike Meltser and Seth Payne discuss the perception of the Houston Texans around the country amidst the latest column from Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle the week before free agency beginS in the NFL.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-2

Today on Mad Radio: Bob McNair has all the solutions, Wade Smith’s weekly visit, Worst Take Of The Week, What’s On Tap, decreasing Rockets interest, Landry Likes, Robert Kraft is NOT the father, KIR Fridays, the lowest point in station history and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-1

Today on Mad Radio: Harden embarrasses a poor man on national TV and locks up the MVP, Marc Vandermeer gives a Texans update, Texans wish list, Worst Take of the Week nominees, Manziel party tales and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-28

Today on Mad Radio: Texans GM Brian Gaine addresses the media, John McClain joins the show live from the combine, SportsRadio 610 combine kicks off, the new strategy of Lance McCullers, Rockets revenge, Mike defends Aaron Judge vs Seth and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-26

Today on Mad Radio: The teams in Houston are good and lucky, potentially cuttting Lamar Miller,  JJ Watt headline porn, Mike’s hater, the right way to leave a party and attend a funeral, power ranking the days of the week and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-23

Today on Mad Radio: Texans Super Bowl hypothetical, Rockets musts to be the next to win a title, crazy baseball ideas, Russell Wilson is a cheese ball, Top-Five underrated sports movie badasses, Wade Smith’s weekly visit, Worst Take of The Week and more.


Field of Dreams

Top-Five Biggest Sports Movie Weasel Characters Of All-Time

Sports movies are known for their heroes, but every once in a while there’s a guy in a sports movie that you find yourself rooting against. Here are the five biggest weasel characters in sports movies according to SportsRadio 610’s Landry Locker.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-22

Today on Mad Radio: Reunited, good news for the Rockets, bad news in Dallas, the alleged Texans double standard, Marc Vandermeer’s weekly visit, Screw Em, the five biggest sports movie weasels of All Time and more.


The Best of MaD Radio – All Star Lineup 2-21-18

The Best of MaD Radio, the drafted All Star Lineup. From Wednesday 2-21-18


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-20

Today on Mad Radio: Brian Cushing is released, baseball’s rule changes, Astros speak on the changes, All Star controversy, Mike’s luxurious lifestyle, TrainWreck Tuesday, Five Texans moves that need to be made and more.


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