1. DonnaCooper says:

    Every year my mom and dad would make the trek from Eastlake to downtown just to see the wenrodful windows downtown and to see Santa. And of course the breakfast with Santa was another really special memory. And was I the only kid who found Mr Jingaling scary? I loved Captain Penny and Miss Barbara but I dreaded hearing Mr Jingaling how you ting a ling with your many keys all my folks had to say was Halle’s 7th floor and it would disolve me into a screaming mess.I tell my 7 and 5 year olds the stories (don’t do the math, I am an OLD father) and wish I could just load them into the car and show them what I am talking about.Merry Christmas to all! And Pat, keep up the great work!

  2. Ivana says:

    I lost track of this thread, and I never onrpseded We didn\’t see so much of that in our (very limited) time in Cleveland, but I\’ve definitely heard about the trend in Detroit. A few months ago, some friends from Detroit were talking about plans to mow down entire blocks, reducing the need for maintenance infrastructure and increasing greenspace. Sounds like a science fiction concept to me

  3. Phillip says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I ended up ordering the Ceebee (hummus, tiansd of baba ganouj, no mushrooms, but sunflower seeds) yum! I also enjoyed a peach shake! We really loved the feel of Tommy\’s. (Unfortunately, Mac\’s was closed by the time we got there that just means we\’ll have to visit again!)

  4. Ali says:

    Wonderful website! I want to bring my nusdett artists to the Galleria. They are all 60 or older; several in 80s and 1 who is 92. Beautiful art!Contact me for a chance to bring new (old) faces into the Cleveland Art Scene.kate

  5. Dinesh says:

    Cleveland’s greatest asset is our never-ending btiliay to get back up. Whether it’s the economy or the latest sports fiasco, you just can’t keep Cleveland down. We are thinkers and do our best to make this city the best it can be and Ingenuity Festival is a great showcase for our talents! We can, Cleveland!

  6. Christiane says:

    I have noticed a hcnage in the way religion operates. The Shepherd no longer looks after the flock but the flock looks after the Shepherd. We give them big cars, help with donations to build their houses, give them air conditioned rooms that are attached to the church while the rest of the church goes hot for a lack of fans to keep the members cool. I have also noticed that the church no longer focuses on the soul but what the soul has to offer; money and free service. If you have neither of the two you are looked upon as nothing. There was a crusade being held in the St. Michael district where the pastor was quoted as saying (Sat 17th Nov) that if you don’t pay tithes and offering you cannot do anything in his church. So a note to all, if you want to perform in his church, please pay your performance fee.(Note: money is more important than souls)Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan. Notice in the story it was the church leaders who passed him by in his time of need. In our time of need the same thing is being done by our pastors, and it is left to those who we think very little of to help us because they are the only ones we can rely upon.

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