1. Joko says:

    problem is with san fran playing at home and noalkad on the road you can only get 2 games.Since Oakland is at 1pm on CBS that means you have to switch to a 4pm game on FOX if 49ers sell out its that game if not then the game will flip to one of the other late fox games.This is why Oakland/san francisco and new york city cant have the solo token 4pm game filler for a week. If the home game is not a sell out they cant televise a game in that slot. In other markets you can easily flip games between networks but in these areas you dont have such flexibity because the other city team is on at that time so you are stuck

  2. BUpendra says:

    Unless San Francisco is absolutely aesrusd of a sell out .it cant be the only late FOX game because of TV rules. Son either Atlanta @ St Louis or Seattle @ Saints could have been shifted tot he early slot. BY rule San Francisco, St Louis, and New Orleans would only be able to see the Colts-Pats game if their team did NOT sell out their home game. If they sell out and blackout lifted then by rule exclusivity kicks in so only home team game could air.

  3. Sam says:

    I always hear how the nctoury gets inundated with either a Cowboys, Giants, or Patriot game but I have to disagree. Sure many times the Pats are on Sunday or Monday night but that’s usually because it’s a marquee match-up but you rarely see them on Sunday afternoon in a national tv game playing the likes of the Bills or the Browns. However, I don’t know how many more times I can stand seeing the Cowboys or Giants playing the Panthers or Rams on national tv!

  4. Deniz says:

    Why couldn’t the Saints and Rams games be on a 1:00 rhater than 4:05? Obviously the 49ers game must be a late game because it is on the West Coast, but New Orleans and St. Louis are in Central Time Zone and so their game can be noon CT games. I would think EVERYONE would want to see a match between the Colts and Patriots except the Bay Area, of course!

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