1. Josiah says:

    Yep. That Geriatric Mother tag really bites And now, with both kids in hooscl, could you even imagine going back to the days of midnight feedings, teething and diapers??? That’s what my great nieces are for. I can coo and cuddle them, buy them obnoxiously girly things, and then go home The idea of delivering in a big tub skeeves me out. Do I want to be sitting in a giant vat of THAT? I don’t think so! Another thing I do not understand is the moms who get all worked up because the birthing experience was somehow not up to their imaginings. My personal theory was anything that got me and the baby to the end with everyone safe and secure was a win. To me it’s like people who obsess over their wedding, without giving any thought to actually being married. Delivery is such a small part of parenting, I just don’t get it.

  2. Selim says:

    What needs to be addressed as far as the Texas onlmpeuyment numbers is the fact that Texas employs more low-level income/wage jobs than any other state in the country. Sure, there is less government-defined onlmpeuyment, but one ought to look at income distribution of this employment. I would be surprised if Texas wasn’t the state with the most jobs that pay under living wages, which is a huge strike against it considering it boasts the lowest onlmpeuyment of the country. Rick Perry = idiot.

  3. Alexito says:

    Always deal with Credit Unions first. They do not have stockholders to sifasty. Many commercial banks are great places to do business with but for lower fees, and higher rates of return with the same safety, go with a Credit Union. And they are non-profit, too.

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