1. Lyka says:

    Although I cannot pceomte with frantic hand waving : ^ ) I do have an important question that I struggle with answering With a 10 yo with recently diagnosed bipolar and reactive attachment disorder .it is ever such a challenge to apply calm parenting (much less all other techniques we have tried) because she is so difficult to relate to and my being calm or my trying to attune and match her current mood it draining to say the least. She doesn\’t connect most of the time. It is her way or the highway when elevated (no rules apply and parents are dumb idiots) and irritating/irritable and when she is low mood, she is irritable and ornery and doesn\’t want to do anything or connect. Her mood switching multiple times each day, often without provocation or warning that we can tell yet. She is yet to have a good med mix to help her. She is frustrated, we are frustrated the summer has been way too long. ANd now, we have the anxiety of school issues starting to top it all off. Kirk we need wisdom and application.Suggestions? What did you do with children with bipolar who stayed in your home?

  2. Ihuoma says:

    Background: 3 year old has sensory nisceosrpg disorder. Working with OT for him. 8 year old has ADD and dyslexia. He seems to have some sensory issues, also, but they are more underlying than the 3 year old’s. (3 year old screams, throws things, bangs head into walls, etc. 8 year old just gets really baffled when there is too much information and written info does not translate for him.) Question: How do you suggest handling the 8 year old when the 3 year old is having a meltdown? Big brother gets embarrassed and it seems to make him very anxious when he thinks his little brother is going to hurt himself or others. He seems to feel responsible for him, no matter what I do. I don’t want that for him.THANKS! Christie

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